Colour we Phagwah!

During the Phagwah Festival, Hindus celebrate good over evil in the world. And last Sunday, scores of Hindus resident in Barbados assembled at the BDS Hygiene Products Limited compound in Government Hill, St Michael, to do just that: celebrate good over evil!

Hindu priest Pandit Thakoor Prashad told Barbados TODAY the colourful festival, which is held every year in March, is generally seen as the beginning of springtime, a season of rejuvenation, and does not recognize any gender, race or creed distinctions. Prashad said that in ancient times there were many evil propensities in the world and that God had promised that whenever such things occurred he would make an appearance.

“When evil took over in the world, God took a form and came to take charge of all these evils,” the Hindu priest explained.

During Sunday’s festivities, the young and not so young present engaged in such cultural expressions as modelling, singing and creative dance. There was much merriment, with several of the young children running around powdering each other, or in some cases, given the opportunity, painting the faces of the more senior celebrants.

A striking feature of the event was the presence of several persons of African descent in the crowd enjoying the interaction, entertainment and the East Indian cuisine provided.

This young girl painting the face of another at Sunday’s Hindu festival.

Participants in the festival were treated to a wide variety of East Indian dishes.
East Indian cultural expressions were also a treat.
Powdering each other was a feature of the Phagwah Festival.
Powder for everyone.
Powder for everyone.


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