Walkout not thought through, says Kellman

“A lazy excuse” that is being used by Opposition parliamentarians to “crawl through the backdoor” of the House of Assembly.

That is how St Lucy MP Denis Kellman has described the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) move to return to Parliament tomorrow on the grounds of filing a no confidence against Speaker of the House Michael Carrington.

He said the 13 BLP MPs would “come back begging on their knees, begging for mercy” tomorrow, after boycotting the House since January over Carrington not recusing himself from his seat while the Committee of Privileges investigated a matter in which the High Court ordered him to return money he withheld from a client for several years.

Party leader Mia Mottley announced yesterday that Leader of Opposition Business in Parliament Santia Bradshaw had filed the no-confidence motion and the 13 Opposition MPs would take their seats in the House of Assembly tomorrow.

Minister of Housing Denis Kellman
Minister of Housing Denis Kellman

“It is a very lazy excuse to get back in the House,” Kellman said at a Democratic Labour Party (DLP) meeting at Parkinson Memorial Secondary School last night.

He further suggested that the Opposition was divided over the continued absence of the MPs and that the walkout was not thought through.

“The problem is they do not think. The truth is, if they used to think, you think that they would  be crawling through the back door to get back in Parliament on Tuesday?” Kellman said.

“How can you bring a motion of no-confidence on a man who you said you are not going to sit with, but yet still coming in the House with him? How you can go in the Speaker’s House now after saying all these bad things about him?”Meantime, commenting on the Opposition’s planned return, Christ Church East Central representative Ronald Jones referred to Mottley as the “Pied Piper of Hamelin” and called her leadership into question.

“Everybody knew what the Pied Piper of Hamelin did. You march them up and you march them down; blow the horn and come follow me. Come follow me up and then down and you drown them,” he told a DLP Christ Church South constituency branch meeting last night at the St Lawrence Primary School.

He added that when a leader took spontaneous and hasty decisions, it exposed “kinks and cracks in the character of that leader’s ability to lead”.

“So you say ‘follow me, we are not going back in Parliament until A happens’. If you cannot control the outcome of some action, then you cannot be so adamant in relation to it. You have to be able to control the outcome or as much of the outcome as possible. It shows a kink in your leadership ability and in your leadership style. How can you control the outcome when you have gone right to the end saying you are not returning to Parliament until A or B happens? Neither A nor B has happened yet, so you come up with a strategy as though the people in Barbados are, in fact, foolish. You are going to go and sit before the same man that you made these adamant promises against.”

Jones contended that the Opposition Leader had taken the action on a false premise and therefore had to climb down from her lofty moral and ethical tower and was using the no-confidence motion to re-enter Parliament “with a clear conscience”.


4 Responses to Walkout not thought through, says Kellman

  1. Dan Vaughn
    Dan Vaughn March 10, 2015 at 7:40 am

    They upholding that kind of nonsense.What did Kellman do in his tenures as a minister? Then call ppl lazy.

  2. Alex Alleyne March 10, 2015 at 7:42 am

    Come on Mr. Kellman, only in BARBADOS that he is still sitting there .

  3. Louise King
    Louise King March 10, 2015 at 9:11 am

    one should weigh one word before using it–it can back fire–and hurt ;


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