MP disappointed with search turnout

The fact that Sidneato Holford remains missing after yet another search was not the only disappointment at the end of yesterday’s effort.

Parliamentary representative for St Michael East Trevor Prescod said he was saddened that more members of the Licorish Village, St Michael community and surrounding districts did not come out to help or support Holford’s family.

“I would have expected a larger collective of people from the Licorish Village community itself. From my observation, that representation was very limited in view of the fact that Holford would have grown up in the community and would have interacted with a lot of people in the community,” he said yesterday afternoon, shortly after participating in the search in the Belle, St Michael area.

St Michael East MP Trevor Prescod (right) speaking with police.
St Michael East MP Trevor Prescod (right) speaking with police.

“His mother Pamela Holford, who is a well-known person in the community, and the entire family for that matter would have expected a greater response.”

Sidneato Holford’s mother Pamela (right) in discussion with law enforcement officials who helped her look for her missing son.
Sidneato Holford’s mother Pamela (right) in discussion with law enforcement officials who helped her look for her missing son.

Insisting that the Barbadian society was still rigidly divided along racial and class lines, the Pan-Africanist said he never expected any massive group from the social elite to participate in the search for a resident of a depressed district like Licorish Village.

“I never expected a major response from all of the ethnic groups which make up the Barbadian society. I did not expect to see Asiatic people in the search or a large number of Caucasians present. I think what would have been of great satisfaction for us would have been the massive presence of our own people. It would have given more comfort to Holford who has to deal with her loss,” he said.

Although there were a few Caucasians who joined in yesterday’s search, Prescod was not particularly impressed.

“I did not see any significant number in comparison with what I saw in the search for [Caucasian woman Karen Harris who went missing two weekends ago]. In such circumstances, I do not want to shower compliments on them so that they would continue to believe we are clowns. They must not believe that having made a small gesture we interpret it as significant,” he said.

Meanwhile, the missing man’s mother has thanked members of the public and Government and law enforcement officials who participated in the search.

The group of civilians and officials  who took part in the search.
The group of civilians and officials who took part in the search.


3 Responses to MP disappointed with search turnout

  1. ch March 9, 2015 at 11:48 pm

    These comments are ungracious, divisive and ignorant. All of the persons who volunteered to search should simply have been thanked. This is the reason our nation cannot progress as it should because there are persons in positions of leadership who cannot even lead their own thoughts to positive, constructive outcomes. Barbadians deserve and have to demand better than this.

  2. Tony Webster March 10, 2015 at 7:15 am

    You doan know dis guy. Last heard of , ‘pon the other side of the House, he wanted to spend $135M on a sewage-treatment plant…to keep for his “Belle” squatters…”happy”.

    The photo…however…speaks more eloquently- and graciously-than This Honourable Gentleman. Maybe, rain was threatening?

  3. Alan Highton March 10, 2015 at 9:55 am

    This constant reference to race is worrying. 30 years ago Bajans were just Bajans. Please bring that back.


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