Effort on to raise awareness about Parkinson’s


IMG_20150308_161607Over 150 people – including walkers and runners — came together today in support of a good cause.

The event, which started from the Mahaica playing field in Speightstown, St Peter – was aimed at raising public awareness public about Parkinson’s disease.


IMG_20150308_161832Organizer Cherry Ward, who has Parkinson’s disease, used the occasion to appeal to other sufferers to identify themselves and to get the necessary support and guidance.

Minister of Health John Boyce, in delivering the opening remarks, said his Ministry was committed to the cause and prepared to offer its support to people living with the disease.

Boyce however apologized for not participating in the walk and run. He said he had a prior engagement.


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  1. Alva Holdipp-Hope
    Alva Holdipp-Hope March 8, 2015 at 7:46 pm

    Gd job Cherry Ward


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