Fine for spliff at nightclub

COURT TODAY BLOCKA 23-year-old bartender was fined by a Bridgetown magistrate after admitting to having a spliff while at a St Lawrence Gap nightclub early this morning.

Anthony Brad Nelson, of #3 Rockley New Road, Rockley, Christ Church, was ordered to pay $750 forthwith, with an alternative of six months in prison.

Prosecutor Sergeant Janice Ifill said police were at Sugar Ultra Lounge when security personnel were searching male patrons. They saw when a wrapper containing marijuana was taken from Nelson.

When asked to account for the marijuana, the young man told police it was “just little weed that I does smoke all day, everyday”.

Acting Magistrate Alliston Seale then expressed his concern about drug use among Barbados’ youth.

“When you all smoke so much dope, what are we going to do with our population?”

“I don’t know, Sir,” Nelson replied.

“It worries me. This is more than a recreational drug now. I have to ask myself now ‘who is not smoking dope?’ Young people from every aspect of society [are] smoking and thinking it is nothing serious,” Seale said, adding that there were people from all “social and educational strata” who were trying to convince us that using marijuana was nothing serious.

He insisted there was a link between drug use and the men “lined off on my bench everyday”.

Nelson was represented by attorney-at-law Oliver Thomas in the matter.

2 Responses to Fine for spliff at nightclub

  1. Denton Crichlow
    Denton Crichlow March 6, 2015 at 11:46 pm

    I don’t ‘smoke but for heavens sake $750 for a spliff, no man.

  2. Alan Highton March 7, 2015 at 9:00 am

    A waste of time and resorces to bring injustice.


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