No discrimination

Govt senator says statistics prove CARICOM nationals get fair break

Immigration statistics do not support the allegation that Barbados is discriminating against Caribbean Community (CARICOM) nationals seeking entry into this country.

Government Senator Darcy Boyce sought to make that clear in the Senate today as he led off debate on the Immigration (Amendment) Bill, 2014.

Boyce, who has responsibility for immigration in the Freundel Stuart administration told his colleagues: “We hear very often about the number of people we deport from this country because they have overstayed their time. The numbers may sound high when you look at them by themselves. In 2013, Barbados deported 176 people. However, we had 1.4 million arrivals that year. So that the number that we deported was actually a very, very small percentage, less than one per cent.”

He also noted that in 2013, 133 CARICOM nationals were not allowed to enter the country. That was a fraction of the 125,000 who arrived in the island that year.

Senator Darcy Boyce
Senator Darcy Boyce

“[That is] one person in every thousand persons not being allowed to land,” Boyce pointed out.

“I have to say that because people have this impression that the Immigration Department is there looking to round up CARICOM people and sending them back out. We do not have the resources or the inclination to carry out such an operation. We benefit from the interaction of CARICOM nationals in Barbados. Some of them fill very key jobs in our country; they enrich our culture.”

The Government Senator went on to give specifics about Guyanese and Jamaicans denied entry.

“If you speak about the Guyanese, 55 of them were stopped in 2013 out of 16,600, once again less than half of one per cent. When you look at the case of the Jamaicans, 50 were not allowed to land out of 10,800 persons, once again less than half of one per cent,” he explained.

Boyce said he had to release those statistics because people had been attacking personnel of the Immigration Department who were doing their job.

Stressing that the officers should not be seen as anti-CARICOM nationals, Boyce added: “When I am asked to review some of these matters, 99 out of 100 times I find no cause to reverse the decision made by the Immigration Department . . . In every case of deportation there is good reason for such action.”

8 Responses to No discrimination

  1. Peter S. A. Francis
    Peter S. A. Francis March 5, 2015 at 8:31 am

    Install cameras in immigration and the statistics will either be verified or refuted.

  2. Peter S. A. Francis
    Peter S. A. Francis March 5, 2015 at 8:31 am

    Install cameras in immigration and the statistics will either be verified or refuted.

  3. Alex Alleyne March 5, 2015 at 8:45 am

    Tell that to the CCJ

  4. NAKED DEPARTURE - The Trilogy Series
    NAKED DEPARTURE - The Trilogy Series March 5, 2015 at 11:27 am

    At least the discrimination is equal to all and not only against Caribbean countries. Barbadians don’t like anyone they can’t get or make money from! It’s nothing personal, it all about the dollar bills!

    • Mark Wrd
      Mark Wrd March 5, 2015 at 5:26 pm

      You also said get .lol. So it’s not all about the $.

  5. Zabeeda Abdool
    Zabeeda Abdool March 5, 2015 at 5:06 pm

    Wow.. 1.4 million ppl. That’s alot…

  6. Bobo March 5, 2015 at 7:37 pm

    When will a Politician ever admit the truth—they know the truth and they choose to ignore the stigma against Guyanese, for instance, seven friends came in for a holiday , first time in Barbados I, the Host ask them to stay on for Agro-fest, they went to the immigration to get their visa extended , there and then the crooked immigration arrested my friends and treated them like ”criminals on the run ” and deported from Barbados– –This is only a trifle of what the immigration does to Caricom nationals.

  7. Tony Waterman March 6, 2015 at 3:16 pm

    @Senator Darcy Boyce!!! i am in your Corner on this one, as i here in my present Jurisdiction, have had to defend Barbados on this very Accusation, but and glad to say that i eventualled satisfied them, after i produced some similar Statistics to disprove the claims that were being made at that time (2-3 years ago)They are More Caribbean Foreigners in Barbados at any given time, than they are Bajans in other caribbean Locales at that same given time. So! i am with you, and people should research thing (Get the Facts) before they speak out foolishly and mislead the populace.

    @Peter S. A. Francis!!!Yes Cameras would be nice Throught the GAIA,The Harbour,Port Ferdinand, and the new COW Marina as they are all PORTS OF ENTRY, but they cannot tell one who is allowed or not allowed into Barbados, but great for Security, notwithstanding the FACT that people (Govt) working in these locales want nothing to do with Cameras, they’ll show too easiy who is FTD and who is actually doing a fair Days work.

    @Alex Alleyne!!! Tell What to the CCJ, Can you please get off the Back of the CCJ, it’s the BEST Caribbean Idea, since our short-lived political union that existed from 3 January 1958 to 31 May 1962.(Federation)and what other recourse did we have anyway, the British Privy Council, had already publicly Stated their UNWILLINGNESS to hear our Final Appeals anymore.We have to love ourselves and our own.

    @NAKED DEPARTURE!!!I disagree with you on that Statement, Blacks are questioned longer by immigration Officials at GAIA than whites are, i use that Airport twice every year, and i have seen this time and time again. the attitude seem to be that Whites are Tourists, Blacks are Potential Criminals, Blacks never seem to be deemd to be Tourists.

    @Zabeeda Abdool!!!Yes it is a lot, and Barbados does NOT have the Infrastructure (Water,Sewer,Electricity, Continuously support this type of Movement of doubt why we have all those Electrical Blackouts and Water mains Breaks.

    @Bobo!!!Something is not right with you accusation against the Immigration Authority,your Guests must have been in Barbados for OVER six Months for them to be DEPORTED, as the CCJ our CCJ HAS RULED that Caricom Nationals MUST be allowed to stay in any Caricom Country for a MINIMUM of SIX Months, after which they MUST leave or be Deported Legally, so tell us the truth PLEASE!!!!


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