Mom to get help in search for missing son

Pamela Holford’s plea to Barbadians to help her find her missing son Sidneato Holford is being answered.

People touched by the appeal she made in an interview with Barbados TODAY have organized a Sunday morning search for the 31-year-old 3rd Avenue Licorish Village, My Lord’s Hill, St Michael resident, who left home on January 14 to go to the nearby Belle Gully area, but never returned.

A poster has been circulating on social media giving details of the search.

The missing man’s mother said today she was grateful for the support.

The poster that has been circulating on social media.
The poster that has been circulating on social media.

She said she had received assurance from the Royal Barbados Police Force that officers would assist in the search.

Pamela Holford is grateful for the support.
Pamela Holford is grateful for the support.

“A lot of people that know me tell me they coming out and other people [have been] calling me, telling me that them coming out too, and then I have family members that would come out and help too. I am thankful for that,” she told Barbados TODAY.

“I am hoping and praying to God that we find, if not a body, the remains. I just want to move on because not knowing what really happened to him got me good. I trying to be strong for his 16-year-old son because up to now he ain’t cry out like how a child would, he is just there.”

People interested in being part of the search party are asked to assemble outside the National Sports Council on My Lord’s Hill at 8 a.m.

Meantime, anyone with any information about the missing man has been asked to contact his mother or police.

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