Man jailed for breaking into development centre

COURT TODAY BLOCKRoger Llewellyn Walters will spend the next two years behind bars after admitting to breaking into the Albert Cecil Graham Development Centre and stealing several items.

When Magistrate Graveney Bannister handed down the sentence, he became the 10th magistrate to sentence Walters.

The 44-year-old man pleaded guilty in the District “A” Court today to three counts of breaking into the institution and stealing televisions, laptops, speakers, tablets, disinfectant, soaps, cups, and other items.

Roger Llewellyn Walters
Roger Llewellyn Walters

He also confessed to entering the building with intent to steal, having a screwdriver with him for use in connection with burglary, and loitering on the premises, giving cause to suspect that he was about to commit burglary.

The offences were all committed between February 13 and 28, 2015.

Magistrate Bannister sentenced him to three months for loitering, six for having the screwdriver and two years on the other matters. The terms will run concurrently.

Walters told the magistrate that he had “an urgent need to say certain things” to the court.

He explained that it was 18 months since he last got “into trouble”.

Walters said he slept at night by the Delaware Clinic, which is nextdoor to the development centre, and washed cars in the area.

Prosecutor Janice Ifill said Walters was “very well known” and had been appearing before the courts since 1985. The majority of his 47 priors were for burglary.

However, Walters said in the latest incident he was just “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

“I saw some fellas jumping the fence with some stuff and wuh drop I pick up . . . I took some things but I get blame for all. I don’t have the strength to jump no fence with no TV . . . Some days I don’t have the strength to hold my own penis to pass water,” he said, adding that he was seriously ill and had been denied his medication since being taken into custody last Saturday.

He then asked the court to extend whatever mercy it could to him.

Magistrate Bannister said that in determining sentence he had considered Walters’ early plea, that he had no fixed place of abode, and that he was ill.

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