The region prays

Churches, schools, offices in plea to the Almighty

Today businesses, schools, Government offices, and political and religious leaders were asked to pause for moments of supplication as the Caribbean Day Of Prayer was observed.

In churches across Barbados and the Caribbean people prayed for unity, preservation of the family, success of businesses, peace, unity and love within the schools, an end to crimes, including the illegal use of firearms and drugs, and for economies to improve exponentially.

Participants also offered prayers for the comfort of the families who had lost loved ones brutally and barbarically
at the hands of ISIS, especially fellow Christians.

This special day of prayer was led by the Prayer Warriors International Foundation, founded by evangelist
Courtney Selman.

“In the Caribbean we are faced with a number of maladies, such as crime, illegal drugs and alcohol abuse, spousal and child abuse, the disintegration of families, economic hardships and sadly even problems in the church.

“Prayer Warriors International feels that we should be more proactive now instead of waiting for the worst crisis to assail us,” a Press release from the foundation stated.

Around midday, Barbados TODAY visited the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Bay Street, St Michael, where a service of prayer was being led by Father Vibert Stephens.

Father Vibert Stephens says the Caribbean should be prayed for every day.
Father Vibert Stephens says the Caribbean should be prayed for every day.

The priest said the church’s focus was always to encourage its congregation to pray for the good of everyone, even if conditions might look dismal. He said the church was aware of the sociopolitical problems and economic conditions the nations in the Caribbean faced, and the need to solve them.

“Our hope is in the Lord who is renewing our nation and renewing our people with gifts, talents, creativity, vision and aptitude to get on board to create a new society with Christian and good human values,” Stephens said.

A visit was also made to Victorious Living Ministries in High Street, Bridgetown, where worshippers prayed passionately for the Caribbean.

Prophet Abraham Obanrewaju praying  for congregation members at Victorious Living Ministries.
Prophet Abraham Obanrewaju praying for congregation members at Victorious Living Ministries.


One Response to The region prays

  1. jr smith March 5, 2015 at 9:02 am

    dear all , we need to reclaim ourselves , our culture ,stop waiting on god, we need to teach our young people the economics of existence, after slavery came the bible , just to control black people.
    We need a 100 businesses, we don’t need a hundred churches. We need employment for our people, all black people do is to pray , sing and beat cymbals.
    The honesty comes if its there ,the same people , who are descendants of the past slave master are the ones who control the worlds wealth, the ones we wait on to construct they $100 million projects on our island for our survival.
    What is new for us in the worlds largest excolony,50 years on the blacks are worst off than they were in the past period. Blacks are still behaving the same as 50 years ago.
    Black people must wake up to the fact , the only persons ,benefiting from religion is the very,very wealthy pastors who need to explain how have they gotten so wealthy.


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