Agency head says raids on clubs a colossal waste of time

The head of the agency representing adult entertainment clubs in Barbados is calling for the regulation of the industry following last weekend’s raids by police – including granting adult club licences to owners and dancers.

At the same time, president and founder of the Global Adult Industry Association (GAIA) Charles Charlie Spice Lewis has blasted authorities for the crackdown, calling it “a colossal waste of time, resources and taxpayer’s money”.

He contended that said the raids have little impact on gentlemen’s clubs, which bounce back almost immediately, and warned that such actions could give rise to corruption and other problems.

While insisting that these clubs are a valuable source of entertainment for tens of thousands people in Barbados, including many officials, the association boss cautioned against persisting with similar course of action in the future.

Charles ‘Charlie Spice’ Lewis
Charles ‘Charlie Spice’ Lewis

“These raids also have a devastating impact on the livelihood of many adults who depend on these businesses to make a living. Barbados on the whole also depends on these clubs for its economic survival as this sector makes a significant contribution to the GDP,” he said in a statement on the matter.

Lewis contended that Barbados should follow the lead of St Martin, Curacao and Aruba, which have implemented measures to regulate the clubs.

He suggested that authorities impose a special adult club licence and licensing fee, as well as strict guidelines, and create a one to three-month immigration entry visa for women and men from all over the world to work in Barbados as dancers, at a cost of between $100 and $300 per person.

Lewis also recommended that someone be appointed to monitor the sector to ensure adherence to the regulations.

“In the event that there is sex trafficking and other human rights violations or criminal activity within the adult club sector, the authorities should focus their investigations on the individual perpetrators and not on the entire sector,” he said.

“Why throw away a full bag of good potatoes to get rid of one bad one in the middle?”

He added that the association’s representatives were willing to sit down with Government to discuss the way forward for the sector.

“The management of GAIA would welcome the opportunity to meet with the local authorities to discuss the bigger picture from an economic perspective, as well as the legal aspects of adult entertainment in Barbados,” Lewis said.

“We also urge the owners, dancers and patrons of all clubs in Barbados and across the Caribbean to join our association to further empower us to represent their interests, concerns and rights.”

7 Responses to STRIP TEASE

  1. Alex Alleyne March 4, 2015 at 6:29 am

    The lust for filth is raising its ugly head in BIM . Where are the Church leaders on this matter . Where such activity exsit one will find drugs, under age females and pronography. This activity also attracts the importation of personnel and must get the attention of the Police/immigration department .

  2. Harry Turnover March 4, 2015 at 1:34 pm

    Charles Lewis you telling big people that those dancers don’t ” pick fares ” in those clubs ??

  3. Maxine Hutchinson March 4, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    Are these persons aware of the repercussions of such vibrations that are being raised in our country? Do they know that there is a price to be paid? Remember Atlantis? Everyone did as they saw fit. What was the end result? A cosmic convulsion that caused that continent to go under water. Talk about collective kharma?

  4. Bobo March 4, 2015 at 6:26 pm

    People of the Caribbean don’t you think its time ”to wake up and taste the coffee”In each part of the world you will find Adults Entertainment—so why not Bimshire — Hats off to Mr Lewis .

  5. arjun March 4, 2015 at 7:42 pm

    Guidance to all.We have moved into a new era called the GOLDEN AGE. Humanity is facing a very significant TIME, a time not only for the material world but also for our SPIRITUAL selves.The ESOTERICS or ESOTERIC PEOPLE warned us as humanity about many many veils and many untruths about this LIFE we live that will be revealed.The SPIRITUAL world have definitely overrided the material and many things which we think is we would realise it is not. But if we have gone into a SPIRITUAL age common sense should tell us that we too must become that(SPIRITUAL).As for the strip clubs just like anything else it can be enjoyed but not without TRUE LIFE. I SEE LIFE FROM A BIGGER PICTURE.

  6. Charles Worrell March 5, 2015 at 2:04 pm

    NOW, we are being told to promote and safeguard filth in our country. WHY, others do it why not us?
    No government in the world can fully combat this kind of behavior BUT we in Barbados, do not have to embrace it and give it legal housing. Is money all there is Barbados? And when these foreign women/men come, who say they are just dancing, no, Mr. lewis KNOWS these people are here picking fares all day long and depositing all kinds of diseases in the process.
    Are we to believe that we, as a nation, cant do things differently? I beg to differ.
    WHERE HAVE OUR MORAL FIBRE GONE TO? WE ARE taking anything as long as it bring s money; we don’t seem to have any boundaries; how did we get here?
    In one of the discussions last year, Rihanna, one of our very successful young persons, but who is parading her body all over the place even though she is talented enough to present herself in a better way, was made our ‘ambassador’. Why? Because she is well known and will bring a huge following: money to us.
    Are we really at a place where we are selling ourselves for thirty pieces of silver?
    More concerning though, is the stark silence from the Christian community and other persuasive organizations and their lack of response to the way in which our people are falling in moral turpitude. IS THIS WHAT WE HAVE COME TO? HAS MONEY TAKEN SUCH A HOLD ON US THAT ANYTHING GOES? GOVERNMENT, WHERE ARE YOU?

  7. jason clarke January 19, 2017 at 10:02 am

    I think there is room in this world for all Ppl and all habits, why do some thing they have the right to judge the way other make money, and entertain? We that enjoy clubs n party don’t talk against the church n broadcast the nigitivity of church, even with priest worldwide rapin on the little one, my contribution is this, church should leave clubrs to regulate club business, n focus on savin the souls of clubbers, carricom islands shud look ay makn a Buck or 2 from clubs via regulations, especially with 30% of most island easing the struggles of taxation and other burdens via clubs


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