Rendezvous’ night

Christ Church side thump Brittons Hill

Thanks to their skillful striker Miron Samuel and inspirational midfielder Jeffery Williams Rendezvous handed Mackeson Brittons Hill a 3-0 whipping during the Digicel-sponsored Barbados Football Association’s Premier League triple-header at the National Stadium last night.

Solaris Pinelands won 2-0 against Pride of Gall Hill who are still searching for their first win. While Weymouth Wales held on for a 1-0 victory over Klaytons Kola Tonic Notre Dame.

Pinelands captain Arantees Lawrence (No. 10) being ambushed by two Gall Hill defenders.
Pinelands captain Arantees Lawrence (No. 10) being ambushed by two Gall Hill defenders.

In the featured game Rendezvous were kept quiet by Brittons Hill who did not allow strikers Shandel Samuel and his brother Miron, Gregory ‘Lalu’ Goodridge and company much room to play the ball forward swiftly as they had from the start of the league against other teams. It was a scoreless first half marked by a few opportunities with stout defense from Brittons Hill the highlight.

But that all changed in the 56th minute of the second half when the ball was played up the field to Williams who was left exposed by Brittons Hill’s defenders and Williams from at least 20 yards out helped himself to a superb goal when he launched with his right boot and curled it to the right of Brittons Hill’s goalkeeper Tennyson Mings who tried but had no chance of stopping the spectacular goal.

That had Rendezvous supporters in the stands buzzing and they had another reason to celebrate in the 70th minute when danger man Miron showed his skills and cut the ball back with his left foot, then shifted it with his right boot around a Brittons Hill defender whom he left for dead and hit the ball into the left corner post of the goal bars.

Rendezvous' star performer last night Miron Samuel (center) could not be stopped.
Rendezvous’ star performer last night Miron Samuel (center) could not be stopped.

A few minutes later Brittons Hill thought they had a goal when a shot was saved by Rendezvous goalkeeper Wayne Best who was unable to hang on to the ball. During the melee which ensued in front the bars Dwayne Stanford got his boot on to the ball and scored but the sideline referee in his judgement called it off side.

Rendezvous went on to score goal number three in the 78th minute when the ball was taken up the left flank by Shandel Samuel who was impeded when Brittons Hill defender Andre Gibson shoved him in the back in the area. Miron took the penalty and scored to the delight of his fans whom he entertained with a few dance moves.

In the second clash of the evening Solaris Pinelands defeated Pride of Gall Hill 2-0 under the guidance of captain Arantees Lawrence who returned to competitive action after he received a red card when his side played Wales over a week ago. Pinelands scored in the 82nd minute when Dwain Best was brought down in the danger zone. Lawrence took the penalty kick and scored to the right of Gall Hill goalkeeper Corey Bridgeman.

A few minutes later in the 87th minute another goal sneaked past Bridgeman when a cross came in from the left to midfielder Jamar Thomas who was inside the box and blasted the ball into the back of the nets.

In the first encounter Wales had Notre Dame under pressure from the first half and the second half was similar. Striker Kemar Headley in the 79th minute scored via a penalty when his teammate Haddan Holligan was brought down in the box by a clumsy tackle.

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