TC’S new journey

Dubbed The People’s Monarch in the annual Pic-O-De-Crop calypso competition, and a finalist for 14 consecutive years, Terrencia TC Coward is now on a new journey for God and the most vulnerable people who are without a voice.

However, TC told Bajan Vibes that while she was stepping out onto a new path of giving back worship and thanks in song to the God who blessed her with her singing talent, she did not want to be labelled as a Christian.

Speaking backstage after an outstanding performance at last weekend’s Queens Of Gospel Concert at the Wildey Gymnasium, a beaming TC said her decision to return thanks was another phase of her God-given talent which for years, she had used “to do just about everything”.

TC in gospel performance.
TC in gospel performance.

“I have been given gifts by God. And one thing He instructed me to do and He instructed all of us with our talents, use them, not bury them. I have used my talents for many years to do just about everything and this was going to be the next step to adding to who TC is as an artist and performer,” noted this versatile songbird who created history by becoming the first local female to win the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch, both in 2009.

“I think artists must always remember from whence they talent came and give worship and thnks to the One who gave them the talent. I wouldn’t be standing here, if it were not for the Father. So tonight [Sunday] was just a process of my saying publicly that, one, I am taking this journey and I am going to use my talent . . . continue to use my talent for good,” she added.

This popular singer, who has always been one of the key contenders for monarch in the annual national calypso contests, is however cautioning people not to box her in as an artist.

In fact, she points out that while her passion for taking part in the competition had waned during the past year, she is certain it will return.

TC intends to be the voice for those persons experiencing major challenges and domestic abuse.

TC wants the world to know she intends to be the voice of those in society who are experiencing major challenges such as domestic abuse.

Therefore she declared: “I don’t want to put myself in a box, because there are still songs about domestic violence that need to be sung; there are still songs registering the people’s protests that need to be sung; there are still songs talking about children who are hungry that need to be sung, and I still want to be the person to sing those songs.”

Associated with such big songs as Wrong Name [Kim] and Hot Sun & Riddim, TC lamented that some people were still asking her if she would not be singing calyso any more or returning to the secular stage.

“That’s a box. I don’t think that God meant for me to be put into a box. He knew my relationship with Him. He knows my heart, He knows everything about me; every single hair on my hair by number, He knows. So I can’t hide from Him. He also knows I have a passion to sing for one who can’t sing. So that’s the new journey. I am only doing it now with more passion,” stressed the artist who also sings R&B and jazz.

Asked if her new journey meant she was now converted as a Christian, TC suggested that such a characterization would only set her up for failure.

“You see, that is where people set themselves up for failure, because then everybody is watching you . . . what you are doing, what you get wrong, what you get right; so no. I am not setting myself up for that.

“I am walking in the light. I am living the life that I have been called into existence to live, which is to do no harm to others; to give, having given unto me; and to love my brother as I love myself.”

While she does not accept being identified as a Christian, TC is adamant she believes in the church as a body of people.

But the music for which she is best known –– calypso –– is not lost on her, even though TC noted it has not been exciting her for about two years or so.

TC is desirous of producing music for worship, thankgiving and praise.
TC is desirous of producing music for worship, thankgiving and praise.

“I haven’t had a passion or a zest for it for maybe a year or two. But I believe now with this walking in the light and feeling strongly about what I have been called to do in terms of standing up for others, the passion will return. I am certain you will see me on that stage again. I am sure of that,” she insisted with a broad smile.

TC was not prepared to commit to saying she would be recording gospel music in the future. Instead, she was more desirous of producing music for worship, thankgiving and praise, “because everything in God’s sight is sacred”.

She wanted everybody to acknowledge that people fall from righteousness, but eventually return to a place of forgiveness.

“You are going to get music for worship, music for praise, you are going to get music for upliftment . . . . I think I have always done that; but I would probably do it with a renewed passion.”

TC, who in her performance at the Queens Of Gospel Concert sang Love Will Save The Day, told Bajan Vibes she had been kept grounded over the years by her mother and her manager.

On that night, hostess Carita Dee called TC back onstage after her performance, hugged her, and apologized for the way she had been treated by people in Barbados, including some Christians and the unpleasant things said of her.

In an emotional moment, with both fighting back the tears, TC graciously accepted the apology, as a hush of approval filled the Wildey Gymnasium.

5 Responses to TC’S new journey

  1. Jay Butcher
    Jay Butcher February 28, 2015 at 1:08 pm

    @ Michael A clarke, is the only way to serve go is by being a Christian?

  2. Kirt Jordan
    Kirt Jordan February 28, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    Psalm 137: 4 How can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?

  3. Andrew Jordan March 1, 2015 at 6:56 am

    I am proud of your decision and support it 100%.

  4. Veronica March 1, 2015 at 7:30 am

    I wud rather she not call herself a Christian and do what she is doing (walking holy/righteous), than for her to call herself a Christian – like another gospel artiste and do what she is doing, bringing the name of Christian to ill repute – there, I said it!!!

  5. lester March 3, 2015 at 3:24 pm

    First let me inform despite popular belief the talent Jesus spoke about is a monetary term and not ones abilities to do whatever. Secondly giving God thanks with ones lips and not repenting is a farce, TC you need too become a christian its the ONLY way to truly give God thanks


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