Improved numbers at Agrofest


There was an improvement in the number of people passing through Queen’s Park on the first day of Agrofest, which officially kicked off yesterday.

Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave visiting one of the stalls.

Following a tour earlier today with Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave and Lady Belgrave, chief executive officer of the Barbados Agriculture Society James Paul told Barbados TODAY that more adults visited the exhibition on Friday than in previous years.

“We find that we had a larger attendance than we usually do which is good because it means that we are doing something right. But, I want to say that generally from what we can see the public is still very much interested in the agriculture sector,” Paul said.

One of the livestock stalls


The CEO indicated that while an increasing number of younger farmers were showing interest in Agrofest, he has also seen more participation in the livestock area of the exhibition.

During this morning’s tour that lasted an hour and a half, the Governor General and his wife interacted with vendors and farmers as they visited the stalls and pens housing livestock.

The Head of State and his wife also took the opportunity to purchase their fresh fruits, vegetables and even a few plants.


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