CEO: Massy here to expand and innovate

A top official at Trinidad-based conglomerate Massy said the company intends to expand and innovate in Barbados, even if Barbadians get upset about the changes.

Group president and chief executive officer of the Massy Group of Companies Gervase Warner made that position clear as he announced that he was on his way to seek new investors out of New York as the company continues to make changes in order to remain relevant.

Warner made the comments as he delivered remarks at the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (BCCI) monthly luncheon at the Hilton Resort under the theme How Re-Branding Can Assist to Reposition Companies in the Market Place: The Massy Experience.

As part of its expansion in the past year the company has rebranded all its operations here with all bearing the name Massy, and introducing its seventh Massy Stores Supermarket, a Massy Foundation and a Massy Card. The rebranding in Barbados has been met with  mixed reviews.

Gervase Warner
Gervase Warner

“We are not standing here to have grass growing at our feet, we will be innovating and we will be doing different things. We will be changing things and some people may be upset because they don’t like change . . . That is what we are here for, to be a force for good. We are about creating value and we are about transforming life . . . It is not just people it is also about the environment,” he insisted.

“We have a very exciting opportunity ahead of us for Massy Group to present our group of companies to a series of international investors in New York it is a unique opportunity and we are off to do that.”

He later told Barbados TODAY that given that this was the first time he was going after the type of investment the company was pursuing, he could not divulge details.

Meantime, Warner said he believed the economic conditions in Barbados were beginning to improve.

4 Responses to CEO: Massy here to expand and innovate

  1. Alex Alleyne February 28, 2015 at 7:39 am

    From “massa” to “massy” , soon it will be TT&B where Bajans will be second class cicizens ………In time to come .

  2. Maxine Hutchinson February 28, 2015 at 11:25 am

    So we have allowed investors to come in and be so comfortable that they seem to think that Barbados now belongs to them? According to this man, they don’t care if Barbadians get vexed about the changes? So he is one of the “strong men who have come to bind us up”. OK Sir but have you ever considered that we do not have to shop at your stores if only our home-owned businesses would stop raising their prices every day in these hard economic times? Are you also telling us in no uncertain terms that we are now “Trinidad, Tobago & Barbados” – whether we like it or lump it? OK sir, we understand you loud and clear!

  3. bajanguyster March 2, 2015 at 8:01 am

    if we could only do the same thing in Trinidad, how sweet that would be he .but am just dreaming

  4. Charles Worrell March 3, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    WOW, in the words of the late, His Grace: ERROL WALTON BARROW. “the time will come, IF we in Barbados do not pay attention, that we will wake up one morning and find that we do not have a country”

    Those words came prophetically from a man of the people of Barbados; a man who carefully examined all that he had to do for Barbados and for the largest part, ensured that it was in the interest of bajans. He ‘saw’ where we are today from way back when and he spoke a warning to us that we ignored.
    He saw T&T challenging us at every turn and was vociferous in his determination to keep off of us.
    He went to the UN and when we found things or discussions to be outside the interests of Barbados, he had the spine to pack up and leave.
    He saw T&T fighting us for years and not even ceding some of their water for us to fish in and he drew attention to it; a warning we ignored.
    I often wonder what Mr. Barrow would have said if he knew that we have a C’bean Crt of Justice paying T&T millions of dollars yearly and they refused to be a signatory to the agreement(I am unaware if they have since done so); that no Barbadian sits on that bench; that we no longer own what use to be our bank and is now T&T’s; our plantations, many of our social and professional organizations; the very Insurance company that is now caught up in very ugly circumstances and the Arawak Cement plant. How did we get here especially when the very T&T gives us no such room in their economy?
    WE WENT TO SLEEP! WE IGNORED the very urgings and warnings of the man who lead us into Independence only so, that we can have this joker come here and declare that he doesn’t care if we in this country have a problem with what he is doing with the Cement plant, this is where they are going and go fly a kite if you have a problem with it.
    THE FACT, that he can say this and get away with it (because his ass should be on the next plane) says something even more important: WE ARE NO LONGER THE CRAFTMEN OF OUR FATE BUT THE SLAVES OF ALL. A sad end to the tireless struggles of our Founding Fathers. Yes, Woe Barbados


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