Living in fear

Police probe New Orleans shooting

Residents of a St Michael district say they are living in fear, after a group of armed men opened fire in their community last night.

Police are investigating the shooting that occurred around 9:30 p.m. in 7th Avenue New Orleans, and left two men and one woman with gunshot wounds.

While none of the injuries was life threatening, one man had to undergo surgery. He is warded at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) in stable condition.

While police declined to disclose the identities of those shot, the female victim Susan Lovell spoke to Barbados TODAY after being discharged from the QEH. She said she was shot in the right leg while in a friend’s house where she had retreated to escape the gunplay.

“I went to shout a friend because we were going out and when I got there we talked a little, then I heard some gunshots, ‘tap, tap, tap’. I looked up the gap and see a fella running coming down, I couldn’t really see his face because he was far from me. I told the rest that this fella running coming down so you will get shoot at,” the 47-year-old said.

Lovell said she went into her friend’s house but she heard more shots and everybody started to run through the house.

“I fall over a wrought iron chair and when I got up and I saw the abrasion on my leg, I thought it came from the chair, but the muscle in the leg started to get stiff and when I looked back at my feet I had a lump behind my feet and the rest told me I got shot,” she added.

“The bullet went through the back and came out through the front of the right leg above the knee. I spent 22 hours at the QEH.”

She said she was concerned about the lawlessness that was taking place in Barbados.

“You can’t walk, you can’t go nowhere. Step out your house and your life in danger. They don’t care where you are, who you is, they just shooting . . . It is not fair to be living that way.”

When Barbados TODAY visited the area where four houses and two cars were pierced with bullets, some visibly upset residents said they were still shaken up.

Dacosta Ramsay said he was in his bed laying down when he heard the gunshots. The next thing he felt was a piece of board hitting his face after it fell from the wall when the house was struck by a bullet.

Dacosta Ramsey, seen here pointing to the area where a bullet came as he lay in bed, said he was “offset” by the incident.
Dacosta Ramsey, seen here pointing to the area where a bullet came as he lay in bed, said he was “offset” by the incident.

“I can’t feel good about this here. It had me offset the whole night. I don’t even mix up with nobody or anything,” he said.

One elder in the community, whose home was also damaged, said he and other family members dropped to the floor when the gunfire started.

He declared that he was not at war with anyone and found it offensive and aggravating that his house was shot at, putting his family, a baby included, at risk.

“This thing is a young people thing that ain’t got nothing to do with me. I is an elderly man; just respect me, respect my home and my family. This is folly,” said the resident who spoke on condition of anonymity.

He said he believed the culprits last night were invaders who were looking for trouble.

Another man who said he was sitting by his door when his house was hit with the first of about eight bullets said while he too was angered, he was happy that his son who was playing video games at the time was not hurt.

“Bullets come from the front of the house and hit the sink. But I thank God that nothing ain’t happen to my son. I raise he from too young for them to take he from me,” the father cried.

Where one of the bullets pierced through galzanize.
Where one of the bullets pierced through galzanize.


2 Responses to Living in fear

  1. Wendy February 24, 2015 at 8:01 am

    Good morning you know what i don”t understand me and my family live all our lives in the Orleans it so happen that i left and is now resideing in CANADA but that is still my home. It is not the people that were born there in the orleans who is causing all this trouble we go out and campaign so hard and after these people get in their forget you, you know why i am mentioning this any time you go out there to look for a job and your resume has on any address from 1st to 10th ave it does not matter how over quiliftied you are you still would not get that job you should not be penalize by where you live. It is really said at what is going on we need to get all the illegal people out take back what the Trinidadian have taken over and stop the POLICE from doing so much illegal things, we need to start cleaning house from the top big wigs who is bringing in the guns where do you think the low class get them from. Create more jobs the young people have to much time on their hands, i love where i am from and i would not give it up for any thing i had to move on cause my education was beening wasted could not get a job because i was from the NEW ORLEANS so i had to move for a betterment of my kids.

  2. jess February 24, 2015 at 9:43 am

    Don’t think I want to move to Barbados anymore


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