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Temporary teachers anxious for word on appointments

Temporary teachers, who are eligible for permanent appointment in the Government school system, have been given the assurance by Chief Personnel Officer Gail Atkins that their status is being addressed.

In a letter dated February 18, 2015, which was sent to the President of the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT), Pedro Shepherd, Atkins assured that the matter was receiving due consideration.

“Please be advised that action was ongoing to resolve the issues of the appointment of those temporary teachers who are eligible for permanent appointment under Section 13 of the Public Service Act, Cap.29 and to determine the exact number of remaining vacancies available for permanent appointment before proceeding to fill vacancies in accordance with the Recruitment and Employment Code,” the letter states.

However, during a two-hour meeting at the BUT’s Merryhill, St Michael headquarters this evening, which was attended by about 100 teachers, concern was raised that the process was taking too long.

Teachers were also eager to learn what the appointments process entailed.

President of the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT), Pedro Shepherd
President of the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT), Pedro Shepherd

“They are asking what the process would involve.. . . whether the process will involve an interview or a straight appointment. They are also asking if they will have to write an essay,” Shepherd told reporters following the meeting.

Pointing out that the applications were sent to the Personnel Administration Division 15 months ago, he said some teachers also expressed concern that there had been no acknowledgement of receipt of their applications, which could have been lost.

However, the BUT President said he had received assurance only this afternoon from the Personnel Administration Division that it had sent off the list of appointments to the Ministry of Education to be cross referenced.

While he could not say how long this process would take, he said he would be writing the division to find out how many of the 600 vacancies applied to the secondary school system.

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  1. Maxine Hutchinson February 21, 2015 at 12:14 pm

    All those who believe that they deserved to be appointed, please raise your hand.

    My first question to you would be: What led you to pursue a career in the teaching service?
    Do you have a degree that would have secured your working in the General service and being paid for that degree?

    Would you say that your were commissioned by the Master to be a Teacher?

    Do you have a passion for teaching or is it stressful?

    Over the years and based on feedback from some of your pupils/students would you say that you have taught, educated and enlightened them?

    Do pupils/students complain that you insult them in the presence of others?

    What do you think about writing word on the board and returning to your seat to get down to the task of completing your assignments from UWI?

    Can you say how many pupils/students under your charge at this present time, can read?


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