COLUMN – Let’s take care of our QEH!

idoancareRecently, I underwent a surgical procedure where I had to have a herniated disc removed from my neck. This was giving me hell for quite sometime until I decided it was time to have the operation done.

This meant having to check into the Queen Elizabeth Hospital one day before, to have all the necessary tests done prior to the surgery. I must admit I was in no way keen on being there, especially with the horror stories
I have heard in the past.

One thing that I must say upfront is that the nurses on A5 were very wonderful. I know it takes a special person to be a nurse, but these ladies were exceptional. Every single one of them had something special about them which made my short stay rather comfortable, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for the care provided while I made some of them quite busy.

I cannot forget the intern with one of the most popular names –– Dr Perry Ellis –– whom I simply called Dr Cologne. A very bright future as a doctor awaits him.

He was very much informed, and has a very pleasant personality. At no point did I feel like a guinea pig while he was there. Since this was the first time ever being hospitalized I must say I have no horror stories to report –– thankfully.

What caught my attention with the hospital was how tired it looked. If not for the nice staff, I might have checked myself out the first day. Every other thing was an issue. Elevators were out of service, which meant my having to walk to the top floor. I pity the elderly or injured who had to take that trip.

My next issue was having no hot water to shower. Sorry, but I have been having hot showers for ages now, and to have a cold one after so many years took a lot of getting used to again. What made matters worse was not having a proper running shower, and one that needed scouring badly.

Being involved in the janitorial industry, I must admit that I have an eye for detail, and believe there is a certain way a shower should be, especially if it means my standing on the floor tiles. I find it hard to feel clean while being on something dirty.

I have visited friends and family at the QEH over the years, and one thing they always had issue with was the food not being warm when they get it. That continues; so I think hospital management has to find a way to sort that out.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Queen Elizabeth Hospital

We have heard of a whole set of issues which the medical staff are facing, and finally the hospital management admitted to being under pressure running day-to-day operations. Sad to say, the place is a drab.
I believe it is sicker than the patients it houses, and some financial aid is needed –– and needed soon.

I never liked going to medical facilities at all. I used to feel ill whenever I had to go near one, whether outpatient clinic or hospital. I still get a funny feeling all now thinking about being there for an extensive period. What would make a stay in any medical facility acceptable for patients and their families should start with comfortable surroundings. There is already a willing, caring wonderful set of doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff, but if the place is a total discomfort, then the job of the staff will double and they too
will be miserable.

I really do hope there is some major financial aid waiting to be delivered to the QEH, because it really needs it. I for one if I had the resources would make a contribution, but unfortunately my pockets won’t even make a ripple towards the cause. The hospital is in dire need of some attention fast, and, being the only one available to the masses, there is no money coming in in any hurry via them for its services.

For once, in my entire life, I depended on someone to assist me to the washroom, make my bed comfortable and make sure I was medicated to deal with the pain I was in. After having a procedure done via my throat bypassing my esophagus and vocal chords and so on, and having a bone graft from my hip at the same time, I felt out of it at times.

I am not looking forward to anything near that any time soon.

But for someone who always boasted of not ever being a patient of the QEH and not ever planning to be one, it all came to pass a couple of weeks ago. So who knows if or when I will be back?

I trust that we as a people would continue to praise the hard-working staff at the hospital, and also that some miracle would fall upon the facility soon, so that it can be made a more comfortable and reliable place. After all, it’s all we’ve got!

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  1. Doria Alleyne
    Doria Alleyne February 20, 2015 at 10:37 am

    (Y) (Y) (Y)

  2. Cherylann Bourne-Hayes
    Cherylann Bourne-Hayes February 20, 2015 at 5:57 pm

    I hope the ones in charge take a look of all the comments and stories good and bad and use this information to make the necessary changes. Yes some workers will be upset but it needs to happen and soon.


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