Woman calls for court matter to be dealt with quickly

COURT TODAY BLOCKA 57-year-old woman facing drug-related charges today asked a Bridgetown magistrate for her case to be dealt with before she dies.

Joan Patricia Broomes told Magistrate Douglas Frederick that her medical condition, which she did not identify, was “deteriorating” and she needed aggressive treatment. Broomes, who lives at 1st Avenue Godland, St Michael, has denied charges of possession, trafficking and intent to supply 47 paper wrappings of marijuana on May 21, 2009.

When she appeared in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court, she complained about the amount of time being taken to deal with her matter.

Acting Station Sergeant Neville Watson informed the court that the police officer who was expected to testify today, was “in the field”.

The prosecutor also reminded the accused and the court that she had been absent many times due to illness.

Magistrate Frederick said he would monitor the case and make a determination soon.

While noting that the prosecution had only taken evidence from one witness, so far, since the matter got off the ground in 2013, the magistrate said Broomes had produced no medical evidence to the court to “substantiate” what her illness was or the severity of it.

In addressing Broomes, the magistrate said “a court is not oppressive. We don’t seek to oppress people”.

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