LIAT getting a new chairman?

Chairman Jean Holder has described as “rumour” reports that Barbadian businessman Mark Maloney, who was recently appointed to the board of the Antigua-based LIAT, is preparing to take over leadership of the airline’s board.

Maloney has been a director for at least three months now.

Mark Maloney
Barbadian businessman Mark Maloney

When contacted following last week’s high level meeting of shareholder governments and other stakeholders in Barbados, Maloney told this newspaper that any questions should be directed to Holder.

However, Holder told Barbados TODAY he was not contemplating his exit at the moment.

Asked to respond to reports that Maloney was set to replace him as chairman, Holder responded cautiously saying, “I think that’s a rumour, but I would not be so unwise to say it isn’t true”.

Holder, who resignation from the carrier four years ago was met with immediate refusal by shareholder governments, also could not say how much longer he was prepared to staying on at the helm.

“Things will remain the same for at least the moment. Right now I am seeking to stabilize things in the carrier, and I have not actually made any statements about my future,” said Holder. 

4 Responses to LIAT getting a new chairman?

  1. Jim Lynch February 18, 2015 at 10:11 am

    If this is true, then it marks yet another ridiculous lack of process for the shareholders.

    If they wanted to demonstrate to the home taxpayer and regional travelling public that there was change in the air, would the recent meeting and decisions not be the very best time to demonstrate that they mean business in the saving of LIAT??

    Yet here we are, back in the wishy-washy never-never land of intrigue and the unknown, secret decisions rumoured to be in their pockets but – like the annual accounts of the publicly owned airline – not for public consumption.


  2. Tony Webster February 18, 2015 at 11:30 am

    It surely needs a radical re-think, and reincarnation, but before we throw baby and bathwater out, should we not have its replacement, ready in the wings, to take over? Indeed, could we possibly, not install a hard-headed, successful businessman, with a specific mandate…to find a take-over partner.?
    Switching-off engines in mid-flight does not appeal to me.

    It nevertheless requires a whole new game-plan, and I’m yet betting on William Warren, to make sure that all current shareholders, and all other non-shareholders with equal “interests” in viable Caribbean air transporrtation…will toe the line at this critical juncture.

  3. jr smith February 19, 2015 at 5:49 am

    What the hell , this silly two blade business cant find someone cleaver enough to run the dam thing, there are hundreds of this type of businesses in the US, go they find a person capable and clever enough.

  4. Jim Lynch February 22, 2015 at 2:23 pm

    In my educated opinion (25+ years as air traffic controller, charter and airline pilot, and another 15+ years as Caribbean airline critic) the next Chairman of LIAT should be someone with aviation expertise and qualifications, someone who KNOWS WHAT THE HECK THEY ARE DOING.

    A “hard-headed, successful businessman”, with or without a specific mandate (preferably without) who has no experience in aviation will just thrash around waist deep in the Caribbean aviation swamp just as Holder has done for his entire tenure.

    Again, this is NOT a habardashery or hardware store, and many of the employees are required to have and maintain professional licenses to do their work… this is highly technical stiff that will lose buckets of money if not done right.

    So stop all this yard fowls and others “trying a ting” and get COMPETENT help – this BA retiree is just as bad – he does not have a clue about rapid-fire regional airlines and is wallowing around as if on vacation.

    Hard decisions must be made, and it is incumbent on the CDB, the shareholders, the Board and Executives to ensure those hard decisions go forward IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

    For Heaven’s sake stop thtrowing hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars at it, and do it RIGHT for once.


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