Bag snatcher’s confession lands him 3 years in prison

COURT TODAY BLOCKHer Majesty’s Prisons Dodds will be home for a 34-year-old bag snatcher from Thyme Bottom, Christ Church for the next three years.

Hilary Decoursey Williams confessed to four robberies and one theft when he appeared in the Oistins Magistrates’ Court earlier today.

Between January 29 and February 12, the repeat offender snatched bags from Canadian visitor Sherry Singh, English visitors Kerry Minton and Wendy Roberts, and Barbadians Sharon Winfield and Frederick Belgrave. The bags and contents had a combined worth of over $6,000.

Acting Station Sergeant, Rudolph Burnett, outlined the robbery spree to Chief Magistrate Pamela Beckles.

Singh, he said, was robbed while at a bus stop at Oistins. She was there with two friends waiting for a bus when Williams approached and told her to hand over her bag, while pulling an object out of his pocket.

Belgrave’s theft occurred while he was returning home from a nearby mini-mart.  Williams, who was walking past him, made an about turn and pulled Belgrave’s bag from his shoulder.

Winfield reported that she was walking along the Top Rock Road when she noticed Williams. He ran to her, ordering her not to make any sound while keeping his hand in his right pocket.

After asking how much money she had in her bag, he snatched it from her. The woman screamed, and as a motorist stopped to assist her, Williams ran away.

In the case of Minton, the robber walked past her while she was on the Maxwell Main Road. He then turned back to ask her where she was from. After the woman told him that “did not matter,” Williams walked away and went toward a nearby bus stop. She, too, moved further away but at one point when she took her eyes off Williams, he came up to her and tugged on her bag. She held on, leading to a struggle.

Williams eventually pulled hard enough so that Minton fell, still holding the bag. He continued pulling, and dragging the woman along. The bag broke and Williams took the purse.

The last victim, Roberts, was at the entrance to her hotel when she heard someone say “Excuse me, excuse me”.

By the time she looked around, Williams was holding on to her bag. They struggled and she fell and hit her head.

The robber ran off with the bag.

Williams later told police he spent the stolen money on drugs.

Chief Magistrate Beckles sentenced Williams to two years in prison on each count of robbery and one year for the theft. They will run consecutively.

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