All still not well

. . . But Parkinson and Alma Parris teachers return to work

All is still not well at the Parkinson Memorial Secondary and Alma Parris Memorial Secondary schools. However, protesting teachers were back in the classroom today after staying off the job for four days last week.

Pedro Shepherd
Pedro Shepherd

President of the Barbados Union of Teachers (BUT) Pedro Shepherd said based on reports received from both schools the situation was “quiet”.

However, he said the BUT would continue to monitor the situation in light of recent fears expressed by some of its members about students bringing weapons to school.

Shepherd warned that there were still several outstanding issues relating to indiscipline and poor management at both Government-run institutions.

“We did receive correspondence from the Ministry last week and we have to respond to the Ministry as well to some of the concerns that we would have had. Of course, it would just be a repeat but we are hoping to confirm again that the issues still remain at those two schools,” he said.

In the meantime, teachers at St Mary’s Primary School were off the job this morning.

Teachers and students of St Mary’s Primary School sitting outside the classrooms.
Teachers and students of St Mary’s Primary School sitting outside the classrooms.

Shepherd confirmed that the teachers had refused to take students in the classrooms, complaining that they had not been cleaned since last week.

However, he said in the absence of the regular janitor, a request was made to the Ministry to have someone come to do the cleaning.

“I am now learning that the janitor who was away from school this morning has now reported for duty and a second janitor came over from George Lamming School. They now have two janitors in place and I believe that all should be well at St Mary’s School within the next hour or two,” Shepherd reported around midday.

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