Lee taking his music all the way

Remember the name Lee Allen? Why, you may ask? Because it will be one you will be hearing for years to come.

Lee Allen, real name David Howard, is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter with an undeniable passion for music. He began his singing career in 2010 РР and has not looked back since.

Lee Allen
Lee Allen

Born prematurely, Lee always had that extra fight within him, and it is for this reason that he intends to do all it takes to push his music.

lee allen3“I’m looking to take it as far as I can. In Barbados, you have to work hard to get your music out there. I am aiming to get off the rock, to showcase my talent and my country. A lot of people think we do it just to be famous, but I’m doing it for the love of it. You definitely need the support behind you to make it through,” Lee said.

Speaking very passionately about his career, the former Combermerian and Barbados Community College student said his most memorable moment to date was the release of his new single I Assure You.

“On January 27, which also happened to be my birthday, I released my very first single; and that was really special for me,” he explained.

Prior, Lee has performed at shows such as Tin Pin Alley, BEAT Live @ Oistins, Christmas In The Park, Mahalia’s Corner, De Vibe, and many more.

He recently joined forces with two close friends and talented Barbadian singer/songwriters Torian and Maya Amara to form the trio iBRID. Together they have performed for stages like Queen’s College Pageant, De Vibe, Mahalia’s Corner and at Love, Poetry & Song. In 2014, Lee, Torian and Maya Amara were featured in a documentary for a French television station, along with other artists.

Lee credits iBRID with improving his confidence as a singer/songwriter, as he also does his supportive family and friends with his success so far.


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