Pool season gets started

The Barbados Pool Development Organization (BPDO) 2015 season got off to an exciting start at the Sea Rocks Dome, Maxwell Coast Road, Christ Church, recently.

The annual parade and awards ceremony was a glitzy affair with the parade of teams being the main attraction. The procession saw the Casablanca Stars, Crazy Eights, Defenders, Eastern, Kangaroos, Police, Saints and the Q Bandits pool teams entering the dome to be judged on appearance and representation.

The Q bandits, dressed in a very outstanding green, gave one of the more interesting presentations on the evening. They were an icebreaker for the ceremony, staging a very well conceived “funeral” for the deaths of their opponents –– coffin and all. However, Sir Trevor Carmichael, the evening’s judge, gave the award for Best Team on Parade to the Police Pool Team due to their overall uniformity. Q Bandits did not leave the building empty- handed though, as they were presented with the trophy for the Largest Team on Parade.

Q Bandits on parade - coffin and all.
Q Bandits on parade – coffin and all.
The Police pool team were adjudged the best on parade.
The Police pool team were adjudged the best on parade.

President of the BPDO, Errol Regis, welcomed the members to the new season and informed them of a few of the ventures planned for the further development of pool in Barbados. The Pool in the Community Expo and the King of the Table tournament which are on the cards to be executed this year, were described as the two main tools that would allow the BPDO to bring greater numbers into the organization. These, Regis said, would help pool to gain greater recognition in Barbados’s sporting community.

Sir Trevor, the guest speaker, complimented the BPDO on its many years in operation and gave a brief history of pocket billiards while adding a few words of advice to the players.

On the actual pool table, last year’s winners of both the Eight-ball and Nine-ball team pool tournaments, Eastern Sports Club, were matched against a combination of players from the teams they had defeated in 2014. Dubbed “The Best of the Rest”, the makeshift squad exacted a bit of revenge for the defeats inflicted on them by the St Philip team with a hard-fought victory over the defending champions.

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