LIAT shareholders to hold crucial talks in Barbados

Shareholder governments of LIAT (1974) Ltd.  are scheduled to to meet here on Friday for critical discussions on the airline’s future.

A brief statement issued by the Government Information Service this evening said host Prime Minister Freundel Stuart will lead Barbados’ delegation to the meeting, which will also be attended by his Dominica counterpart Roosevelt Skerrit and St Vincent & the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves.

Antigua and Barbuda is to be represented at the meeting, which takes place at the Hilton hotel at 9 a.m., by the Minister of Public Utilities, Civil Aviation and Transportation Robin Yearwood.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY earlier this week, Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy indicated that Stuart would be leading an effort to get LIAT back on sound financial footing, against the backdrop of a sound warning that if a plan being implemented by the regional airline’s board of directors fails the financially-troubled carrier could be grounded.

“There will be definite changes going forward. We don’t have any choice in the matter. It is either a better future or the airline will be grounded,” Sealy said, while noting that if there was no LIAT “there are countries in the Caribbean that would collapse”.


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  1. Jim Lynch February 12, 2015 at 7:50 pm

    I am finally hearing the word “change” in relation to LIAT’s future. This time last year, soon after Ian Brunton’s “meltdown”, they had the opportunity to initiate change and turn the airline around, but those who were making the decisions decided instead that “steady as she goes” would be the phrase-du-jour, and they hired a lame retiree from British Airways who has no experience whatsoever with small airlines or the region, who has done a mountain of travelling, “waffling” and “wanking” all over the network, but has changed NOTHING – nada, zip, zero – at the airline in all that time.

    So let’s run with change…

    1. CHANGE THE OVERSIGHT OF LIAT – move it out of the hands of Comrade Ralph (who does not need it) and put it in the hands of someone to whom LIAT makes a serious difference – such as Comrade Roosevelt, perhaps.

    2. CHANGE THE BOARD OF LIAT – for people who both actually know – technically – what they are doing in aviation – and who actually give a damn whether it survives or closes.

    3. CHANGE THE CEO OF LIAT – for someone who knows what a fast-moving island-hopping regional airline should be – and with the imagination and drive to take it to what it can become.

    And find someone for CEO who will have the cojones to stand up to its upper and middle management to ensure that someone else’s agenda and decisions are not always taking the airline ever backward, instead of forward to where it is destined to be – even to the point where all upper and middle management may be terminated from employment if necessary.

    This is LIAT’s last chance at survival, have no doubt about that. And if Stuart just throws money at it without fundamental changes in the way LIAT is run – and by whom – you may be well assured that this time next year there will be no LIAT.

  2. Alex Alleyne February 12, 2015 at 8:08 pm

    I am looking forward for the word change to be made to the air fares on LIAT. These guys are always looking to suck the flying public dry . Drop the fares and bring back the Island hoppers so that we can meet our neighbours ………. Its One Caribbean .

  3. Jim Lynch February 12, 2015 at 8:25 pm

    Unfortunately, LIAT’s physical activities are expensive. It costs orders of magniturde more to island-hop any aircraft at low altitudes – like LIAT does – than it does to take a jet up to the best economical altitude and stay there for four or five hours. SO comparing LIAT and CAL is apples and oranges.

    But LIAT does waste an awful lot of money anyway.

    The biggest costs in fares is taxes, and those are imposed by the regional governments. The politicians see aviation and travel as a cash cow, and they milk it for all they are worth.

    So if you want fares to drop, get a crowd and camp on your Prime Minister’s lawn (preferably at his home, where he cannot get away from it) until he sees reason.

    These days politicians tell lies to get elected and then spend the next four or five years having nothing to do with those who elected him (or her) – incidentally, the same people he (or she) is supposed to represent.

  4. Tony Webster February 13, 2015 at 7:19 am

    We now can see the runway clearly. The issues have been reduced to a public reality, and all high-flying sweet-talk has been put-away and safely strapped-in. The new captain, Wing-Commander Freundel…has had his second-officer announce his taking-over of the controls.
    The only thing we do NOT know…is if the aircraft is about to take-off…or to land. Like permanently.
    One correction about who is in command. Scratch Captain Freundel; Captain Chagrin Reality Arithmetic is now in charge, never mind this is their first opportunity to fly an aircraft, let alone an airline.
    Please ensure your seat belt is secured, and snugged-up, tightly, and any loose articles , like wallets, have been secured in the over-head bins.
    All passengers…and all share-holders …and even those who are NOT shareholders…are encouraged to start praying.
    PS: No cellphones mmay be used…no matter what over-powering urges anyone has to call Kamla.


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