New Card for Disabled

The Barbados Council for the Disabled (BCD) will next month roll out a special access card for members of the disabled community.

President Senator Kerry-Ann Ifill
President Senator Kerry-Ann Ifill

President Senator Kerry-Ann Ifill said the organization was seeking support from the business community to provide special offers and services to holders of the Empowerment Card.

“It is a card designed to empower the cardholder. It is not just about the discount, it is about choosing. It is about the opportunity to go out there and say ‘I have money to spend and I want to spend it and this is where I’m going to choose my business’. It’s about the person . . . it’s a whole state of mind that the card is designed to create,” she explained.

Ifill noted that although the style was similar to the card used by the Barbados Association for Retired Persons (BARP), it was not a replacement or substitute for the BARP card.

The card will also carry special features for the disabled to easily identify and utilize it.

“Even in the design of the card we want it so that a blind person can automatically feel their wallet and know ‘okay, this is my Empowerment Card’. You don’t even have to ask anybody if this is the right card,” Ifill said, adding that an audio aspect for the deaf would also be implanted in the card.

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