NAPSAC ready to go

The 2015 National Primary Schools Athletics Championship (NAPSAC) has a few exciting prospects in store and that includes a brand new Lynx electronic start system.

That announcement came during this morning’s press conference which featured several sponsors including Pinehill Dairy who have decided to be the main partner with NAPSAC for an additional three years.

Technical Officer for NAPSAC, Ryan Toppin explained to the media that the system was similar to what is seen at the Olympic Games. He added that for the first time at the National Stadium the starter’s orders would be heard through the stadium’s public address system which would allow persons sitting in the stands to hear clearly what the starter was saying.

Meet director for NAPSAC, Janelle Denny, explained that this year there would be a slight alignment in terms of two of the zones including the Obadele Thompson zone which will commence the championship on February 23 with 18 schools including the new Warrens Primary and the reintroduction of the Rock Christian School which has been out of competition in recent times.

That will be followed by the Patsy Callender zone on February 24, then the Andrea Blackett zone which now has 15 schools due to the closure of the Society Primary School and that will take place on February 25; the Anton Norris zone on the 26th
and the James Wedderburn zone on the following Monday, March 2. The quarter-finals are scheduled for March 11, semi-final on the 17 and the grand finals on March 25.

In terms of the advancement from the zonal to the quarter-final round, Denny explained: “Within the horizontal jumps which are the standing broad jumps and the long jump, throws, relays and all of the track events with the exception of the 600 and 800 meters, the top four from each zone will automatically qualify and then we have the next twelve best performances to advance. Within the 600 and 800 meters we have the top
six from each zones, then the next best eighteen performances. Now the high jump is a special event because from the zonal we go straight to a semi-final stage as opposed to quarter-final and that advancement is the top three plus the next five best performances.”

Denny added that they were seeking to expand their social media services and former national athlete Sheena Gooding would be on board to assist in that regard as more than 80 primary schools were expected to participate in this year’s NAPSAC with last year’s overall champions West Terrace Primary in the boys and St Stephen’s Primary in the girls looking to retain their respective titles.


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