Thumbs up from music stalwarts

Entertainers, music managers and up-and-coming artistes got the opportunity of a lifetime to learn from international stalwarts in the music industry at the just concluded Caribbean Music Summit.

Among the stalwarts were Music World Entertainment CEO Matthew Knowles and Good Music president Grammy Award-winning producer Che Pope, who both gave the musical meeting the thumbs up, saying that it was a great vehicle for Barbadian artistes to get much needed knowledge on the way the industry works and advice to guide them along the way.

Music World Entertainment CEO Matthew Knowles giving one of his very informative speeches.
Music World Entertainment CEO Matthew Knowles giving one of his very informative speeches.

Pope, who also works with rapper Kanye West, said the summit was great.

Good Music president Che Pope during an interview.
Good Music president Che Pope during an interview.

“That’s why I choose to participate in it. I see it as an event that can grow and become the primary event in the Caribbean, bringing people together to network and expose music both sides. Not only just Caribbean music to the world but for the world to interact more with the Caribbean,” he explained.

Pope said that having worked with Rihanna before, he was certain there was talent here in Barbados.

“ . . . I look forward to seeing more of the talent. I’ve been given a few CDs and I’ve met a lot of people here. I haven’t heard them yet; but I will be exposed to them soon,” he said.

Knowles, one of the highlights of the summit, gave a keynote address and held a standing-only workshop. He gave those in attendance “tough love”, but stressed it was needed in the industry.

“There is a lot of advice I could give, but it must first start with passion. The other thing is to be clear on the genre of music you want to get into; and the third thing would be to practise, practise, practise. Build that right team around you, which starts with your manager.

“Also, find out what makes you unique; what makes you special. People don’t need another Beyonce, or another Rihanna. We need another artiste who can be different and bold. It’s not just about singing. It’s about being an entertainer,” Knowles suggested.

Knowles also had much praise for Lil Rick after his performance. Saying that although he thought it would have been better with a backing band and backup singers, it was a good performance what the performances at the showcase should have looked like.

Lil Rick
Lil Rick

Pope said Lil Rick had what it took to go international with his music.

With regard to the summit, Knowles said he believed it would continue to grow.

“I think it is exceptional to give artistes and folks who want to be in the music industry the opportunity to learn, because knowledge is power; and that’s the only way to do it.

“When I started in this industry, I went all over the country doing seminar after seminar, so that I could learn the business.”

After the Caribbean Music Summit showcases, Knowles and Pope mingled with Barbadian artistes offering one-on-one advice to some of them.

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  1. Ding Dong February 5, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    This is a waste of Time. Building up people’s hopes. Bajans are too mendicant , influenced by the slavery experience. They keep waiting for jokers come from ‘overseas to tell them what to do. Bajan Jokers refused to lift-up their own indigenous music and want to piggy-back on other people’s music—Jokers !!


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