Hotel apologises to residents

Chairman of Sandals Resorts International Gordon “Butch” Stewart is apologizing to residents in the immediate surroundings of his Dover, Christ Church property who have been affected by construction there.

And he has extended an invitation to them to come and “enjoy the property for a day”.

During the construction and redevelopment phase of the 280-room/suites South Coast property, a number of residents and business operators in the area complained that the heavy equipment being used was disruptive.

However, speaking to members of the media today following a tour of the US$65 million renovated property that welcomed its first guests one week ago, Stewart thanked those who were affected for their patience.

Chairman of Sandals Resorts International  Gordon “Butch” Stewart
Chairman of Sandals Resorts International Gordon “Butch” Stewart

“The heavy equipment, I think, did quite a bit of damage to the roads,” he acknowledged, noting that repairs are underway.

“There were a lot of people along the street who were inconvenienced; the noise and all. We just want to say thank you in a small way.

“The other thing I would like to do, apart from thanking them . . . I would like to offer them to come here  . . . They [can] come here and enjoy the place,” added Stewart.

In relation to developments on the beach, the hotelier insisted they had to be done.

He dismissed claims that the beach would be considered private once the work was complete.

“I have been accused of a lot of things in my life but that  one was probably the most unfair accusations I have ever had. At no time have we ever gone anywhere and tried to request a private beach,” said Stewart, noting that while some beaches were harder to access they were still open to the public.

He said once sea conditions improved around May, work on the beach would be completed.

3 Responses to Hotel apologises to residents

  1. helen burnham February 5, 2015 at 7:48 am

    The photographs of the refurbishments look so amazing. We were supposed to be married at Sandals November 2014 and had to cancel due to the refurbishment……gutted was an understatement…we still got married in Barbados and had a fab time. Would love to stay at Sandals but will probably be out of our price range now

  2. Marcus Johnson
    Marcus Johnson February 5, 2015 at 8:58 am

    I prefer The Golden Sands Hotel

  3. Walter Prescod February 5, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    A private in Barbados not true ? we have not request one ! Soon they will have a couple of GARD DOGS oround the place to prevent us from entering. Mark my word!


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