Man found guilty of 2007 crime

COURT TODAY BLOCKIt took more than seven years for him to get a trial in the High Court, but today it took a jury only an hour and a half to find Jason Kevin Marshall guilty of intentionally wounding and robbing Starrio Elcock.

Marshall, who is serving time for a previous manslaughter offence, will be sentenced for the crime at a later date.

Fourteen witnesses testified during the trial in the No. 2 Supreme Court before Justice Margaret Reifer.

Marshall shot and robbed Elcock of a gold chain and pendant valued at $2,500, on December 29, 2007.

In his evidence, the complainant recalled that he was at a shop in Black Rock, waiting to buy food on that day.

He moved away from the other patrons after receiving a call on his cellular phone and Marshall passed him. Soon after, while he was still on the call, Elcock turned to see Marshall pointing a gun at him and demanding that he hand over his chain and pendant.

Elcock said he froze during the incident, all the while looking at Marshall who had his head covered but not his face.

As he was about to remove the chain from his neck, Elcock said, Marshall shot him in his leg and he fell, only realizing later that the bullet had entered one leg and exited the other.

Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Donna Babb-Agard QC prosecuted the case while Marshall conducted his own defence.

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