Mother’s plea

Man sent to Psychiatric Hospital after mum asks court for help

todays courtA mother’s concern that her son needed help prevented him from being granted bail on an assault charge today.

And although Kirk Edison Weekes insisted he no longer used marijuana or alcohol, he was remanded to the Psychiatric Hospital for three weeks.

When he appeared in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court, Weekes, who lives at 21 Curwen Avenue, Bayville, St Michael, pleaded not guilty to unlawfully assaulting Kassidy Yarde on January 29.

Acting Magistrate Alliston Seale initially offered bail to the 34-year-old, but when it was time for his mother to be examined as a surety she said that her son was behaving strangely and needed help.

She told the court that even though Weekes had stopped using drugs, he was “throwing rocks on the paling” and “killing the fowls”.

His behaviour was disturbing not only to her, but “he would not let the neighbours sleep at night”, she added.

However, Weekes told the court that he would stay at home and help “clean up the yard” and sometimes
go to the beach.

He added that he had already gone to the Psychiatric Hospital for observation and they found nothing wrong with him.

Questioned about his drug abuse, Weekes told the acting magistrate that he used cannabis from about age 16 until 21 and would buy a spliff every Friday. However, he denied he had a drug problem.

“And you stopped just like that? Cold turkey?” the magistrate asked. “A spliff every Friday for five years and you don’t have a drug problem?”

Weekes returns to court on February 23.

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