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Primary school athletes shine

Today was one of busiest days for primary school athletes across the island this season.

No fewer than ten schools took to the track and field from North Stars in St Lucy to Rices, St Philip and the young athletes gave of their best, inclusive of those of People’s Cathedral, Westbury Primary and Hindsbury Primary.

At the Usain Bolt Sports Complex of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, there was no stopping Blue House who came out victorious at People’s Cathedral’s annual inter-house sports day for a fifth consecutive year with 535 points. Red House tried their best to catch the winners but had to settle for second place with 473 points, Green House took third spot with 462 points and Yellow House 340 points for fourth position.

People’s Cathedral displayed a few stars in the making and among them was Khristal Martindale of Yellow House who destroyed all-comers in every single race she took part in, inclusive of the 100m, 200m and 400m. Jadon Pearce of Red House also looked good especially in the 200m sprint. For the under-11 boys 100m and 200m it was all about Jeremy Small of Green House who won.

At the Carlton Cricket Ground Green House once again emerged the champions of Westbury Primary School’s inter-house sports with 349 points making this their sixth consecutive title. The keenness of the competition could be seen from the fact Blue House placed second with 320 points after tracking Green House the entire day. Yellow House took third sport with 310 points and Red House finished fourth with 243 points.

The under-13 boys division saw exciting performances from Zuhri Morris of Red House who won the 600m and led his house to victory in the 4x100m relay. Thierry Trotman of Green House also looked in shape and proved that he was indeed the fastest boy at the school when he slammed the field in the under-13 boys 100m sprint. Fadedra Deshong of Blue House was unstoppable in the under-13 girls age group with wins in the 100m, 200m and the 400m. Jacobi Redman of Green House ran well in the under-11 boys division and won the 100m and 200m.

The Red House Warriors blazed the grounds of Queen’s Park today and in the process led their house to victory by a whopping 742 points during Hindsbury Primary’s day on the track

Nazario Barrow of Red House ran and never looked back to win the under-nine boys 100m at People's Cathedral's sports day.
Nazario Barrow of Red House ran and never looked back to win the under-nine boys 100m at People’s Cathedral’s sports day.
Nickasie Chapman of Green House won the under-nine girls 80m dash at Hindsbury School's meet.
Nickasie Chapman of Green House won the under-nine girls 80m dash at Hindsbury School’s meet.

The Green Giants came second with 635.5 points followed by 2013 and last year winners Gold House who had to settle for third with 625 points and the Blue Spartans, 606 points, for fourth spot.

There were a few outstanding performances which came in the under-13 girls division. Renisha Smith of Red House won the 100m, 200m and 400. Toyy Ellis of Blue House and also of the same division won the 600m and 400m.

Shacorea Trotman of Red House did well in the under-11 division winning the 100m and 200m but came second in the 400m, lime and spoon and sack race.

Meanwhile in the under-nine division Nickasie Chapman of Green House won the 80m, 100m and 200m.

(Pictures by Morissa Lindsay)

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