Nicholls pays debt

A politician who was accused of owing a member of his 2013 campaign team $9,500 has reportedly settled the debt.

Nicholas Alleyne of Callender’s Crescent, Christ Church confirmed to Barbados TODAY that he has received the outstanding monies from attorney-at-law Gregory Nicholls.

“It’s a private matter, but it’s now settled,” Alleyne said, though he continued to insist that the money – part of a total $15,000 given to Nicholls – was a loan.

Nicholls, the Barbados Labour Party candidate for St Michael North West in the last election, had told Barbados TODAY the funds had been a donation to his campaign team for the election.

However, today he refused to make further comment.

The two were due to return to court next week to continue the civil matter. However, Alleyne said he would no longer pursue the case.

In a document filed in court, Alleyne claimed he had lent $15,000 to Nicholls in February 2013, but was not repaid the sum in two weeks’ time as had been promised. He said he had only received three payments totaling $5,500.

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