Trini carnival in full swing

Trinidad’s Carnival is in full swing and artistes and revelers are now gearing up for the climax in a few weeks. If you have been keeping up with the music coming out of Port of Spain for the season, you would have heard several quality songs, and it would probably be impossible to pick one favourite.

Bajan Vibes caught up with some of the artistes to see just how their Carnival has been going so far.

Olatunji has arguably one of the biggest songs. Everywhere people are singing the catchy hook line “ola ola ola ola ola ola”.


The song is quite infectious with an African rhythm but the singer said he was very surprised at how well it has done so far.

“My producer brought the concept to me and I loved it. I am very surprised by the outcome . . . It’s doing really well, man and I’m glad,” he said.

Olatunji is looking forward to being in Barbados very soon.

“I will be there very soon to shell down Barbados!”

Patrice Roberts has also been doing quite well this season, releasing several songs.

Patrice Robers
Patrice Robers

A video will be out very soon.

“I have already released nine tracks and I have more to come and a surprise collaboration is coming. I’m working on my video for Feeling Sexy, which will be out in four days and I’m really excited about it,” she said.

“I have been working on it for the longest while, because I’m a perfectionist, but its ready now.”

Meantime, Nadia Batson has been working consistently and is proud of the progress she is making in the entertainment industry.

“I do a lot of female empowering songs, anything that ladies could relate to. I have a group of really mature and talented women in my [three-year-old] group SAS . . . I always wanted to dispel that misconception that females can’t work together in a professional environment without disharmony. I think I proved a lot of people wrong,” she said.

Lyrical, the man who gave us 25/8 and Conquer Meh, has been blowing up the airwaves with his ever popular Cloud9 this year.

Nadia Batson and Lyrical
Nadia Batson and Lyrical

He told Bajan Vibes the key was writing music that relates to the people.

“I try to deal with realistic topics. Regardless of what it is, once the people can relate to the lyrical content, I like that. I just try to stick to that formula and it has been working for the past few years and I thank God for that,” he said.

He is looking forward to bigger and better things long past Carnival.

“I’m just trying to better my craft, the performances, writing, all that. Like I say, keep relating to the people and you will be good. After this Carnival, God willing, I will be touring the US, London and other places that I have never been to. I love going to new places and being one of the missionaries of the music and introducing soca to others.”

Lyrical offered many thanks to fans for their support so far. “Thank you to the fans, the supports, the deejays. Sometimes we don’t always get to say thank you, so a big thank you to all. We are nothing without the fans.”

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