Pelican Village to host Black History Month exhibition

Pelican Village is set to be repositioned as the area for culture in Barbados during Black History Month in February.

Several cultural exhibitions are being planned to mark the occasion and to highlight the arts and crafts of the village.

Vice president of the Pelican Tenants Association and Chairman of the Pan African Coalition of Organizations for Barbados Wayne Onkphra Wells disclosed that next Friday, the festivities will be launched with an outdoor exhibition.

“The morning will be coloured by outdoor sculptures of wood, stone and iron, and the Barbados Arts Council Gallery, along with the Queen’s Park Gallery, will also have their paintings on display. The theme is: Black Arts within Black History Month: African Connections,” he explained.  “Additionally, that same day is Bob Marley’s birthday and at 6 p.m., we will have a cultural programme to highlight the contribution of his music.”

Other activities during the month will include: a lecture on Afro-Caribbean Music Culture to be delivered by historian Trevor Marshall; Pan in the Village; a panel discussion entitled Weaving Identities: A Display of Textiles and Textile Production from West Africa and the Caribbean; and a dinner.

Source: (BGIS)

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