Pastor concerned about youth being exposed to illegal animal fights

A local pastor has accused some mothers of feeding their children a diet of violence by taking them to witness illegal, vicious and at times deadly dog and cock fights.

Reverend David Durant voiced that concern yesterday as he contributed to debate in the Senate on the Livestock (Control of Strays) Amendment Bill, 2015.

Senator Reverend David Durant
Senator Reverend David Durant

“What is discouraging and concerning me is the fact that some mothers are carrying their children to these fights. Mothers are carrying children to such a vicious, bloody sport!” Senator Durant lamented.

“If dad and mom are enjoying this, then the children think it is something normal. No wonder a child would carry an ice pick, scissors or a knife to school and would not think twice about using it if they have to use it to defend themselves, or to prove a point, or get money from someone.”

He urged police to continue their crackdown on these illegal activities, cautioning that whenever the fights took place, guns and other weapons could also be found.

“People will go to any extent to protect their investment and they will walk with their guns, walk with their knives and their collins and whatever they have to do. People are being beat up, people are being wounded.”

Among Durant’s other concerns about the fights were that they constituted cruelty to animals and were also usually accompanied by by another vice – gambling.

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