Missing man traced

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Missing man William Rouse has been traced.

Police say the 57-year-old man, alias “Penny”, of Simmons Road, Rendezvous, Christ Church, has been located and is safe.

He was reportedly missing since Tuesday.


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  1. Tony Webster January 26, 2015 at 6:02 am

    What are so-called Christian we bajans coming to? This character is a regular “feature” at JB’s (sorry ..the Supermassy) at Sargeant’s Village. And because I know him and was very concerned, I yesterday asked several of the car-washers there, if they had been interviewed by the authorities, and if they had any up-dated info on him; if they had seen which direction he took when leaving the compound last? which way did he usually use to go home etc?
    NONE knew he was missing; no-one had not been interviewed. Zilch. One chap (with a crutch!!) did say..he would make some “investigations”.
    Happy to know he’s Ok, but is this the “modern” way of “looking-out” for our fellow-man?


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