BSA sending youth to English clubs

The Barbados Soccer Academy (BSA) has plans to take its under-15 youth teams to professional trials in England during the coming summer.

The BSA's Under-19 squad which recently toured Florida.
The BSA’s Under-19 squad which recently toured Florida.

In a media release, BSA president Jabez “Jack” Bovell said the academy would be using all its resources to bring the ambitious proposal into fruition. He said there were great opportunities at the youth level for Barbadian players and the BSA intended to pursue this market aggressively.

“A number of people are on board with this new project to make it work. The BSA team is expected to be in England for a period of one month attending trials at premier league, division 1 and division 2 clubs,” he said, while recalling that the BSA had sent five players to England in 1995 to Millwall and a couple other clubs.

He explained that the under-15 age group was chosen because they were the defending champions of the Barbados Football Association’s under-15 age group football competition. He added that the current 2015 BSA Warriors under 15 team was made up of players born in the year 2000.

“They lost last year in the semifinals by penalty kick-outs to the older BSA champion under-15 Superstars consisting of players born in 1999, who now will be playing under-17 this year,” he said, noting that with so much talent in this age group, it would be unwise not to take them to England.

Bovell said all avenues would be  tapped to expose  Barbadian players in England.

“The BSA is kindly asking business houses to get on board, because the academy doesn’t see soccer just only as fun, but as an avenue for upward social mobility. Players’ development and the positioning of players are of paramount importance to the holistic development of the kids. All players must try to secure a good education or become professional players for their completeness. At the end of the day it’s all about having a disposal income to help the families,” he said.

Bovell also indicated that the BSA’s under-19 team’s recent trip to Lauderhill, Florida, USA, was bearing fruit, and Barbadians would know soon of the success from that trip. He added the BSA intended to attend a number of college showcases in the USA. He sent a strong message to all BSA members, including those that wanted to join, to prepare themselves academically for the opportunities ahead. He said the BSA had already successfully secured 22 overseas football scholarships since starting in 2004.

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