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Coaches urged toutilize Grassroots programme

President of the Barbados Football Association (BFA) Randy Harris urged 30 coaches who took part in the Grassroots Programme which ended yesterday to utilize seriously all that they had learnt during the training sessions.

The programme which lasted over a five-day period ended with a closing ceremony at the National Sports Council with a festive-type atmosphere in which young footballers ranging from ages six to 12 showed off their skills inclusive of passing, shooting and turns. The coaches who participated also received their certificates at the ceremony. Harris encouraged the coaches to create activities within their communities and schools.

Children and coaches who took part in the grassroots sessionsb
Children and coaches who took part in the grassroots sessionsb

“I believe some of you will say that it is up to the BFA to organize activities for you. But I want us to start taking a different approach, I want you to use initiatives and start activities within your communities and within your schools with the young people around you. The BFA will assist when we can with equipment and other things that you would need through FIFA and CONCACAF,” Harris said.

He told the coaches he wanted to see more teamwork and sharing of information. He urged them to desist from criticizing each another.

“I want us to work as a team, I want the coaches to work together, share information, help each other, let us get away from the criticizing each other because everybody got their own little thing. Everybody is a bit different but if we work together and we share ideas, this will work to the betterment of football in Barbados.

“Let us take a different attitude going forward. Everything is happening, some people might say it is happening slowly but we can’t undo ten years of mediocrity in two years. But I can see a different attitude. We have had some very good coaching courses being offered for the first time in Barbados. We have licensed coaches who would be recognized all over CONCACAF. Hopefully with help we get to do the C licence and those of you who are fortunate to pass that course can go on until we get A licensed coaches in Barbados,” the president said.

Harris noted that within the organization there was a small board which consisted of committed members who go all out to ensure that they do as much as they can in order to see Barbados’ football develop.

Among the topics covered during the sessions were the coach as educator and his or her responsibility; the characteristics of the children; planning and conducting sessions based on their age; and how to link with various sporting ministries to help develop the Grassroots programme.

The BFA was praised for its newly implemented Grassroots programme by St Kitts and Nevis-born, FIFA Grassroots instructor Lenny Lake. He said FIFA wanted to thank the BFA for taking such initiative to develop the future of football on the island.

FIFA instructor, Lenny Lake
FIFA instructor, Lenny Lake

Lake told the coaches that they had the most up-to-date knowledge in grassroots development, and there was no reason why the BFA could not call on them. He challenged the coaches to be proactive and give back.

“There is no reason why you cannot get up, take the initiative, be proactive and go out and find some young boy, some young girl somewhere who need a chance to get that information. The information I share with you I am only here to give you as a messenger, it is really for the children. We cannot help ourselves, it can help them. So I ask and I beg you that when you leave here go back to your communities, go back to your schools, make the players that you interact with better players, and in the end better citizens of Barbados.”

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