Hope lost

St Michael mother believes missing son may be dead

A St Michael mother has given up all hope of finding her son alive after he went missing last Wednesday.

Pamela Holford, a resident of 3rd Avenue Licorish Village this evening made a sombre prediction that her only child, Sidneato Alpha Holford, would never come back home.

Missing: Sidneato Alpha Holford
Missing: Sidneato Alpha Holford

The 31-year-old left home around 7:15 a.m. on January 14 to go to the nearby Belle Gully, St Michael and has not been seen since.

“He was going through the gully near the Belmont Primary School and he never came back home. I came back from work and I never found him,” his mother told Barbados TODAY.

She said while her son was unemployed and “people may say all kinds of things about him”, he was “a good child”.

“A lot of people know that he is a good child. It is just that some people do not like him and do not want to see him get through in life,” she lamented.

“I am proud of my son even though they might treat him badly . . . I am hurting inside but I am not showing it. I believe in God . . . I read my Bible at home and I know that vengeance is God’s,” she added.

Lawmen have appealed to anyone with information about Sidneato’s whereabouts to call the police emergency number 211, or contact the nearest police station.

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