$20 Challenge launches student market place

The Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation (BEF)/Columbus $20 Challenge is launching a student market place/trade fair, to raise the public profile of this year’s $20 Challenge participants.

The first marketplace will be held tomorrow, January 17 at Coconut Walk in Rockley, Christ Church, from 10 am to 2 pm. The event will showcase students participating in this year’s $20 Challenge competition, while allowing them to test their sales skills in a real life commercial environment.

“Though many students usually rely on the patronage of family and friends to push their products, the market place presents an opportunity to reach a larger customer base,” a statement said.

Some of the products and services on sale to the public will include home-made pastries, toiletries, organic products and a car-washing service.

Twenty groups of teenagers, including 40 students from the Codrington College, Darryl Jordan Secondary School, Lockerbie College, The St Michael School,  St Winifred’s School, Springer Memorial Secondary School, Queen’s College and Ellerslie Secondary School will participate.

Leading up to the event, students have been prepped with selling tips and basic sales training from BEF Ambassadors. These mentors have been talking to the students about selling in a commercial environment, and the importance of how they present their product to customers. Students will also have access to a volunteer team throughout the day, in order to make sure that the event remains a stimulating, productive experience for the young entrepreneurs.

The BEF $20 Challenge has been giving Fourth and Fifth Form students across the island a chance to launch their own business since September 2011.

Members of the public and fellow students of the participants are invited to come out and support the young entrepreneurs. The BEF’s CEO Celeste Foster and the Co-Champion of the Education and Talent Development Pillar Keith Miller will also be attending the event to give their support.

To learn more about this year’s challenge, the participants or being a $20 Challenge volunteer, visit the BEF Columbus $20 Challenge Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/BEF20DollarChallenge .

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