COLUMN – New Year goals

idoancareA very happy New Year to one and all! Now that the champagne has stopped bubbling over and the fireworks are now just a flashing memory, it is back to the usual timetable. The year is now about to serve
up all it has planned for us. Or should I say we are about to plan all we can serve up for the year?

It is not usually very easy for most of us to make plans for the New Year, and that is simply because we don’t have any. We take it one day at a time; so there is no hassle trying to keep up with plans.

I believe we should set goals and set practical ones too. Winning the lottery is not one that should be on our list; but for some that may be practical for them due to their way of thinking. Those of us who reside in the real world will be thinking more along the lines of owning a home, or a business, or a new car.

A further step in our education would be a good choice too. Earning that Master’s or PhD is a goal to set and work towards.

I often wonder what the politicians aim for as the year turns; how many wish for a better year as far as assisting their constituency in providing better roads, housing and job opportunities; how many are just waiting out their time and just planning for the elections in a few years where they could then come up with some more blind and impractical promises.

The thing about it is that we tend to fall for it all. It’s like a new relationship where one is made many promises of getting the moon and stars, and lavish dinners and frequent trips, only to realise later that the moon and stars might just be a trip to St Lucy –– by Mr Kellman’s Moon Town; or the stars seen come when some physical abuse is shared, followed by a few stops in Pink Star or Oistins.

And as for the frequent trips, look out for chauffeured rides via the Transport Board to the next Q In The Community.

Politicians seem to have that ability to alter the minds of some or most of us, and those sweet words result in the X they need to gain some power.

Many of these politicians both in power and in Opposition are very much the same. They feed off of the mistakes of the other and they create their promises based on those apparent failures of their opposites. I don’t think they are any different from the other.

Show me a politician who is not out for his or her own gain, and I will give you the winning Super Lotto numbers. Not that I have a problem with anyone making it for himself or herself, but it is how they do it.

I once heard a foreign investor cry shame on our politicians while sitting with him in his hotel room discussing certain plans he had for doing business here. He felt that instead of doing the “people’s business”, some were more interested in joining forces with him for their own gain. Not good at all hearing this from a foreigner.

We are often bamboozled by those who are no more than fancy talkers. They practise prolixity to the fullest and seem to feel as if they cannot speak to the level of the masses. I always say a politician or anyone in public office should be able to soar with eagles and crawl with the snakes.

When you are too much of a high-flyer, I don’t think you should be dealing with the masses. Now I must say also on another hand that if you are too much on the ground that the masses will not see you as one who should be leading them or assisting them either; but there should be some balance.

As the year progresses I have some goals which I feel some of these politicians should aim for, and hopefully in doing so they should be seen in a better light by the masses. I will not list all of the politicians –– just a few who stand out in my mind.

Starting with Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, I believe he should aim to simplify his speeches so my granny could decipher what he is saying at times. An educated person should be capable using words with less than six syllables, which will mean the same as the six-syllable words.

Minister of Education Ronald Jones should just aim to speak less and attend fewer functions as the featured speaker; and when he does, he ought to remember he is speaking for the students in attendance to understand, especially when at a primary school function.

Some children are rather frightened by his tone and lost in his utterances. Also he will put his foot in his mouth less.

Minister of Agriculture Dr David Estwick should aim to act more on his threats and prove he has backbone. We all know he can make himself heard; but let’s see if he can make himself felt. I must add I am a fan of his, and there is never a dull moment.

As for Minister of the Environment Dr Denis Lowe, I believe he should aim to speak little or say nothing about his feelings towards same-sex relationships and unions. There are some out there who would “B-GLAD” if he does.

Finally to the Opposition party, and I place them in one bunch, because I believe they need to show more solidarity towards their leader and not just in Parliament in view of the public. They need to aim to cut out the internal fighting and possible lawsuits that we heard of flying through the media last year.

If you are seen as a bunch who still

have internal rifts, you will have no possible chance of being taken seriously when it matters most.

To Opposition Leader Mia Mottley, I think she should aim to show some more fight in and out of Parliament. Walking out or away is not always the better choice.

I sit and wait on what the playground will produce for 2015.

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