Historic site reopens


The historic Gun Hill Signal Station in St George is being positioned to double its financial intake.

The site, which was closed for refurbishment, was officially opened yesterday, and now boasts of being wheelchair accessible.


“The possibilities are inexhaustible in terms of what can be done with this property. In the past it proved itself as being the milk cow of the Barbados National Trust and so there’s no reason why it cannot again produce revenue for the Barbados National Trust,” president of the trust Dr Karl Watson said during the official opening ceremony.

Dr Karl Watson
Dr Karl Watson

The site previously brought in as much as 30,000 visitors annually.

Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy commended the Barbados National Trust (BNT) on spearheading the initiative, noting, “The work you’ve done today and the work you’ve planned would take into consideration facilities that are sensitive to the needs of those persons who are physically challenged.”



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  1. Patrick Blackman January 12, 2015 at 12:58 pm

    Great News!!! now we have to work on the rest of the historical sites. The new tourism authority need to identify all these historical assets and map out a plan to redevelop them to showcase more than sun and sand as every other destination has sea and san..


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