Clarke recognizes potential in local martial arts

Barbados martial arts has lots of potential but the various clubs around the island need to start working together.

That’s the advice of former Greco-Roman world champion, Jake Clarke, who was on the island to conduct an Olympic wrestling and mixed-martial arts association (MMA) seminar. He explained that the technical level shown by participants in Barbados was higher than what he has seen around the world.

“The technical level was higher than some places I visited before and Barbados has lots of potential. But the clubs need to work together more to help develop Barbados. I am looking forward to working with Barbados again,” he said.

Jake Clarke
Jake Clarke

Clarke who represented the United States in Greco-Roman wrestling at the 2004 Olympics conducted the session at the Frederick Smith Secondary School on December 31 where he started off participants with a few flips, tumbles, sprints and body stretches. He then followed it up with riveting demonstrations and drills which were exhilarating even for the spectators.

Clarke said the potential was so high on the island that he looked forward to coming back to conduct more seminars.

Among those who participated were coaches from various clubs including Lion’s Den, Kimekan, Shaolin Warriors, Amass, Rock MMA, Black Tigers, Axe Capoiera Barbados, Boxing, Get Mad Fitness Club, ITF and Budaikaido.

The president of the Barbados Wrestling Association, Rollins Alleyne, said the session was the beginning of a series of wrestling workshops for 2015, and a Barbados wrestling team would be touring the Caribbean later this year.


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