Second step

Phase two of green energy programme soon underway

Government will soon begin Phase Two of its multi-million-dollar green energy programme at Vaucluse, St Thomas.

Minister of the Environment Dr Denis Lowe has disclosed that negotiations are in the final stages.

Minister of Environment Dr Denis Lowe.
Minister of Environment Dr Denis Lowe.

“We are building out the green energy programme with some focus and some enthusiasm. We have going, at this point in time, arrangements for not only the waste-to-energy plant but we are in the final stages of negotiations on Phase Two of the green energy programme at Vaucluse that involves the solar programme and the landfill gas-to-energy programme,” he said earlier this week.

Lowe said the project involved extracting gases from a number of decommissioned landfill cells at the site.

“We have just identified a source for the purchase of our [carbon dioxide] that will be used in our offshore programme and which is very important, and that will also allow us to scale back on the emissions of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere,” the minister added.

He said that as far as the waste-to-energy programme was concerned, all of the preliminary studies were now being conducted.

“Some [of the engineers] have flown in already. I understand a team will be coming in around the middle of January to continue to do the preliminary work that needs to be done. I know that the environmental impact study is being undertaken, a waste characterization study is being undertaken – that is to determine the content of the waste to ensure that the feed stock is available on a consistent basis; and, of course, a social impact study is to be done, as well as a transport study to deal with transportation in and out of the site up there,” he disclosed.

Lowe said the solar project was also being negotiated.

“A contractor is being looked at in terms of getting appropriate proposals in so that the Government could move ahead on that aspect of the green energy programme as well,” he said.

Lowe said the other part of the green energy programme was recycling and the Sanitation Service Authority would be launching a “green collection” programme. That would feature a vehicle dedicated to collecting green waste around the country.

“That would include your plastics and your card and so on . . . The vehicle, I am told, is branded . . . and we should be rolling that out in the next week to two weeks,” the minister said.

3 Responses to Second step

  1. Tony Webster January 3, 2015 at 7:30 am

    I hate not this Honorable man: I am at least, half-Christian. He is just possibly, “doing his best”. It’s just that I search in vain for something to like about him. Worse yet, every time he tries to say something to placate citizens, and to appear as though his “plans” are not vast costs being added to taxpayers backs, but are tidings of un-imaginable benefit to all breathing bajans…it just makes it worse: for every statement gilded with several adjectives, homilies, and platitudes, three or four questions usually arise, and I take not lightly my intelligence being insulted. Or injury being done to my wallet.

    Dear Lord, if only you could intervene, and give us a way to connect Barbados’ current limitless source of hot air/gas, to the new electrification plant …we would reall and truly “have it made”!! Alternatively, Lord, in the imminent Re-Shuffle, “Environment” might joins others removed from his responsibilities, and he is made Minister of Talk, Boast, and Bombast.

  2. Pat Lucas
    Pat Lucas January 3, 2015 at 7:57 am

    Tap the hot air coming from him as a source of energy.

  3. Asiba January 3, 2015 at 10:45 am

    The masses have always allowed themselves to fooled by Talk–sweet talk-“speechifying ” or otherwise. Those who feel that they can “articulate” come across as if they are ‘entitled’ and that the country owes them a living because they can “talk”.
    People in Barbados like people -who can “talk” even if they talk GARBAGE.


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