Cyprian counting his blessings after near-death experience

If there is one Barbadian who is feeling blessed to be alive to see the start of the New Year, it is 28-year-old Cyprian Payne who almost lost his life after being shot multiple times back in September.

And as he looks to a hopefully bright future, he has hinted that he has started the process of forgiving his shooter, who is still at large.

Payne said he knew God was working in his favour and it would only be right for him to forgive the individual who pulled the trigger. Revenge is definitely not on his mind.

Cyprian Payne
Cyprian Payne

“If I want to believe in the Most High, revenge is for him not for me. I am just giving thanks and don’t really study that part. I am just giving thanks for life and trying hard not to study that part,” he said as he sat on a bench outside a church next to his St Joseph residence.

Payne had been worried, while hospitalized, about how his mobility would have been affected by the wounds that initially left him in a coma, and then caused him to undergo a series of surgeries.

However, he was walking erect and moved nimbly as he cleaned his car outside his home this afternoon.

The father was also busy keeping an eye on his four-year-old son who rode a bicycle nearby.

He told a team from Barbados TODAY that his “miracle” was due to the many prayers he, family and well-wishers poured out to God to overcome his traumatic ordeal.

“I am thankful. I am very thankful,” he declared during an interview late this evening.

It was in the early hours of September 19 when the Courtesy Garage employee awoke after a fire started in the patio of his girlfriend’s family’s house.

The cricketer and national hockey player rushed outside to help extinguish the blaze, but whoever was outside waiting shot him at least six times.

Today, he is grateful that he has passed the worst and awaiting one more surgery on his broken shoulder early next year. He is also going through rehabilitation and his body is feeling “almost 100 per cent, although I have to take things slowly”.

“And my son is happy that I am home although I don’t think he knows the full story, and that is a good thing,” said Payne who was happy to have spent a quiet Christmas with his pride and joy.

His mother Donna Small was not home at the time. However, Payne said he was appreciative that she not only showed him a mother’s love but sacrificed and went the extra mile to ensure that everything was well with him. He said she played a major role in his recovery, and stood by his side.

“I want to give thanks to all those who kept me in their prayers. I want to thank the doctors and nurses and everybody who was there for me in my recovery. I want to thank the therapist, my friends, team mates and everybody who was there for me,” he said.


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  1. RoseAnn McClean January 2, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    I am so very happy for you, to see you up and about, and getting back to normal life is truly amazing by the handi-works of the Lord. Continue with your recovery in the Lords name


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