Decor by name and passion

Anthony Jordan has magical hands, and they especially come alive at Christmas –– his favourite time of year. His friends and clients call him Anthony Jordan Decor because of his unique ability to transform virtually nothing into a beautiful design.

“Decorating is my passion,” he says with a broad smile.

At this time of year Anthony is as busy as Santa, but he’s focused on decorating trees, hanging lights and recreating spaces at a range of properties across the island, including hotels, restaurants, private villas and homes, and more.

From as early as his teens, Anthony realized he loved to create, and was always anxious to try something new.

Anthony Jordan
Anthony Jordan

“Growing up, my mum was always the one to give me things to do in the home –– I had to cook, I had to sweep,” he said with a smirk.

“I remember one Christmas I changed everything around the house and put up a Christmas tree. At that time it was a mile tree. I cut it down and sprayed it white. I sprayed the berries in different colours because we could not afford balls and the like at that point of time.

“I took plastic bags –– different colours –– and made a garland to hang around the tree. I put it in a sand box and it blew my mother away. When she came home she was like, ‘What you do with my house?’ She paused, and then said ‘It look good; it look real good’.”

His mother’s praise inspired him to develop his skill, and shortly after he decided he wanted to be a professional decorator. After building a modest clientele, Anthony opted to learn the tricks of the trade in New York, but soon he was back home to unleash his creativity.

Anthony teamed up with professional decorator Sarah Clarke, who taught him everything from tying bows to draping cloth.



“She taught me to constantly reinvent myself and to decorate in my own style.”

Anthony, who admits he’s still learning every day, says there’s no magic to decorating; rather it’s hard work and it’s personal.

“Decorating is far from easy. It takes time.You can’t attempt to create a masterpiece if you don’t take time to do it properly. You have to put your energy into what you are doing and concentrate; so that when I arrive on the job, the first thing I do is to turn my phone off.”

The man who hums the song Christmas Shoes for inspiration as he works, insists there’s no space that can’t be transformed with a little creativity.


“In my mind when I start to create something, it flows. I don’t always know what I am going to do. My mind just thinks different.

“I see beauty in everything. Beauty is in the hands of the beholder, and making people happy at this time of year makes me happy and contented. Once my clients are happy, I’m happy.”

Anthony is also a stickler for perfection, and there is no job too big or too small that he won’t redo if it doesn’t meet the approval of his critical eye.

“If it is not right, you have to do it all over again. When you see my products, there should always be one response: ‘Wow, who did that?’!”

Anthony wants to see interior decorators on the island adopting this approach. He says while the industry is on the move, it’s still growing and nothing less than perfection will lure clients.

“Learn to enjoy what you do. Don’t run after everything out there, because you can’t do everything; and not everything out there is good for you. But always deliver nothing but the best.”

The interior decorator, who is also a wedding planner, is equally passionate about fashion, and, with a grin, says he was the original founder of Barbados Fashion Week. Earlier this year he staged a successful show –– Colours Of Fashion –– which formed part of the Holetown Festival.

“I love the runway,” though he quickly admits that he can provide a design but cannot sew.

For Anthony, living life to the fullest and making people happy is his primary mission. He’s ready to take creativity to the next level and advises his clientele to watch out, “because the best is yet to come”.

“I love to make people laugh and be happy. I’m going to continue doing what I do best –– creating masterpieces and working with other decorators to develop the industry.

“I am not looking for glory; that’s not me. I am just at peace when I can make others smile.    

“My overall motto is You See Me, You Get Me; You Like Me As I Am,” Anthony Jordan said straight up.”

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  1. Brigitte Adams
    Brigitte Adams December 25, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    Very talented and always well presented person,all the best for the season Anthony.

  2. Stanley S Grant
    Stanley S Grant December 27, 2014 at 5:30 am

    Verry talented guy his work is breath taking an a verry professional an pleasant person

  3. javon Jordan January 18, 2015 at 11:04 am

    I would like if you could possibly contact me I currently live in newyork


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