Music icons down to attend summit and mega concert in Barbados next year

Big things are in the pipeline for the entertainment industry in Barbados for 2015.

In February, the island is set to host a Caribbean Music Summit – a first for the country – ahead of a never-seen-before concert slated for the Bushy Park Racing Circuit in St Philip in May.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY this evening, Executive Chairman of Bushy Park Circuit Inc. (BPCI) Mark Maloney confirmed that the concert, which would feature many big names, was being planned.

However, he would not respond to rumours that American superstars Jay-Z and Beyonce would be performing as headline acts.

Mark Maloney
Executive Chairman of Bushy Park Circuit Inc. (BPCI) Mark Maloney

“We are working on it in collaboration with our partners and the possible date for it will be in May. As we progress with details we will be able to share more information. But as for right now, it’s in the planning stages,” Maloney told Barbados TODAY.

“We are looking at some big names, but it would be premature of me to engage in conversation on who they are right now. Needless to say, they will be big and that will be tremendous for Barbados,” he added.

Stressing that there would be numerous spinoff benefits for the country, Maloney said “ we are trying to maximize the benefits of the venue. Because it’s actually an amphitheatre-type venue, which is perfect for concerts. Bushy Park is primarily a motor sport facility, but it’s a multipurpose facility too, and we think that it would be absolutely perfect for a concert.

“It’s a big investment and big returns for the country,” Maloney added.

Meantime, the February summit will feature over 500 global music executives, artistes and brand promoters from around the world who will meet over three days at Hilton Barbados Resort to discuss the future of the music business.

In a Press release yesterday, it was announced that Joe Belliotti, head of global music marketing at the Coca-Cola Company, and Chief Executive Officer of Music Dealers Eric Sheinkop would be keynote speakers. They will be a part of the summit to discuss the future of music, entertainment and brands in the 21st century from a global, pan-Caribbean and local level.

Belliotti is a legendary music producer/writer who has collaborated with artistes, including Kanye West, Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Dr Dre, Eminem, John Legend and Tyler Perry’s music team.

Belliotti said in the release he believed the summit was a great opportunity on all fronts.

“The Caribbean Music Summit provides a great opportunity to share insight into the global Coca-Cola music strategy, including how we work with artistes, labels, platforms and partners to build our brands,” he stated.

Belliotti has led many successful campaigns, including the recent 2014 FIFA World Cup campaign.

Sheinkop added: “As the music industry adapts to an era of unprecedented change, the collaboration of Coca-Cola with emerging talent has provided artists with meaningful resources to develop their careers, hone their craft and share their art with new fans across the world. This partnership adds tremendous value for the artiste and the brand simultaneously.”

The summit is aimed at bringing the world’s top music executives and delegates to Barbados to participate in the event, and also to educate and empower Barbadian music artists, while expanding the understanding and reach of Barbadian entertainment and culture to the world, and showcasing Barbados as a touristic, business and cultural destination. The summit is taking place with the full support and collaboration of the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth.

Chief executive officer of the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc., William Griffith, confirmed the summit and expressed his excitement at being a part of it.

“BTMI is happy to provide support, as the event promises to be an exciting one for local artistes who will get the chance to work with overseas entertainment business executives.”

Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley was quoted in the release as saying “the Caribbean Music Summit is a singular opportunity for the Barbadian artiste, music and cultural communities to connect with the entertainment industry’s top executives, many who are visiting the island for the first time, to learn, discuss industry issues, debut music and make deals”.

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  1. Aldo December 24, 2014 at 9:08 am

    That’s nice what you are planning bringing in the big stars and whoever, what I would like to see you do is to put together a benefit concert to help people of Barbados who really need help such as repairing homes, supply of food, instead of investment all that money bringing j z & Beyonce, invest it in barbados, I’m not against the summit but keep local where it’s economical and trying to be a Jones when you are a brown, do something for the unfortunate


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