Child Care Board meets its food hamper target

The Child Care Board has met, and even surpassed, its target of Christmas food hampers this year.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY during the donation of 10 hampers from the Barbados Bar Association at the association’s Perry Gap, Roebuck Street headquarters today, board director Denise Nurse said a commendable 230 hampers had been donated, 10 more than was initially targeted.

She attributed the success to an appeal made by the board last week for corporate Barbados to assist.

Nurse said the Child Care Board was exceptionally pleased about the response from corporate Barbados with the hampers being used to assist scores of families, particularly those with children in dire need.

“Yes, assistance is needed all year round but Christmas is very special and is a time for families and fellowship,” she said.

“It is good that the children within the 230 families would have a meal on Christmas Day from these hampers. I hope more hampers would come.” Meanwhile, President of the Bar Association Tariq Khan explained that the donation of the hampers was an opportunity for the association to give back to the community, and to reach out to people who were genuinely in need.

He said it had become clear to the association that poverty was a hidden issue in society and indicated that the members of group were determined to do what was possible to help.

“We asked members of the Bar Association and members of the council to contribute by canvassing them through letters and emails and we used the association’s headquarters as the reception point for all the food stuff and perishable items,” Khan said.

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