White Hill residents to get garbage pickup by weekend

The Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) is promising relief for the residents of White Hill, St Andrew, after weeks of delays in garbage collection caused by the collapsed main road.

Public relation specialist at the SSA Carl Padmore told Barbados TODAY that garbage collection would resume tomorrow and continue on Saturday.

“This is in response to the road being impassable to vehicular traffic. We had a site visit last Friday and spoke to some residents of the area and we are satisfied in our minds that these two days of collections will address the backlog of collections in that area,” he said.

“Naturally there would have been a backlog because the trucks couldn’t get in. We want these people to have a good Christmas and a good New Year like anyone else so this is our response to that immediate need. We continue to wish them well as they seek recovery from this situation.”

Padmore also confirmed that the SSA intended to service all parishes by Christmas, and was looking at all ways to better serve Barbadians in a timely fashion.

He went on to express alarm about an apparent increase in illegal dumping around the island, particularly at Eden Lodge.

“As we look at Barbados on a whole, we are seeing increased . . . illegal dumping. We have said over and over that we have a bulk waste collection crew, all you have to do is call us and we would come. But people are mixing household waste with bulk waste material and that is posing a problem,” Padmore said.

He continued, “People are coming in to Eden Lodge to dump.  Some of the residents are afraid to say who the persons are . . . In addition, it places pressure on the SSA because we now have to deploy services to this area when we could be sending them elsewhere. This morning alone, we sent four trucks and a bobcat and a crew of about 12 [to the area] and that was dealing with four spots in Eden Lodge,” Padmore lamented.

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