More female wrestlers needed

The Barbados Wrestling Association (BWA) wants to see more female athletes get involved in the sport as they look to host the first Caribbean grappling championship next year.

Vice-president of the BWA, Rollins Alleyne, told Barbados TODAY they were looking to go into both the primary and secondary schools in order to encourage more females at that level to get involved in the sport.

Vice-president of Barbados Wrestling Association, Rollins Alleyne.
Vice-president of Barbados Wrestling Association, Rollins Alleyne.

“We are seeking to get more female athletes in the sport because there are scholarships available in the US for females who are interested,” Alleyne said, while adding that they were also seeking to get their own Olympic training centre where the sport could be taught to other martial arts clubs.

He said there was also a need for more locally qualified coaches and in order to accomplish that goal along with attaining a brand new facility more funding was needed. “Since the sport is an Olympic sport, funding is provided by the BOA [Barbados Olympic Association] but more funding is needed in order to get more local coaches qualified.”

According to the vice-president they were quite happy with the progress and development the BWA has been making and going forward they were seeking to make the first ever Caribbean grappling competition next year a successful one. He said the discipline was widely recognized in the realms of martial arts and many people especially females got involved in grappling.

“The sport has regained its position in the Olympics. We were able to have a female attend a level one certification coaching course in Mexico this year and we were able to host three national competitions and next year we have in the works to host the first ever Caribbean grappling competition which a lot of people get involved in. So we will be looking to put on a great event,” he said.

According to Alleyne the response so far around the region to the grappling competition has been good and they were hoping to make the event one of the biggest on the BWA calendar.

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  1. Drian Xyers
    Drian Xyers December 20, 2014 at 12:15 pm

    Say you want to see some ass…tell the truth. Put some money in the sport and you’ll get all the women you want.


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